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I am extremely excited to launch my new online high level accountability programme – The 28 Day Kick Start.

The 28 Day Kick Start is a 4-week online coaching programme with a focus on Goal Setting, Behaviour Change, Daily Habits, Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Design.

Who is The 28 Day Kick Start for?

It is for YOU!

The individual who is struggling to gain control. 

This programme is perfect for you if you’re struggling to set yourself any goals, haven’t got a clue where to start.

If you’re struggling with your daily habits, your behaviours and you’re unsure as to why?

When you’ve got every best interest to make changes!

You just can’t do it. 

It is also for you if you’d like more direction, more guidance, more accountability, when it comes to your nutritional practices, your exercise regime and your lifestyle choices. 

Who is The 28 Day Kick Start not for?

I don’t want you to think that simply enrolling on this programme is going to get you the results that you desire. 

You are going to have to put in effort, remain committed throughout and follow some simple protocols each and every day over the next 28 days. 

What’s included in The 28 Day Kick Start?

Firstly, upon enrolment you’ll be sent a series of questionnaires.  These questionnaires will enable us to assess your current situation, your current status in relation to your health, fitness, nutritional practices but also your environment. 

All of which will give us key pieces of information that enable us to put the jigsaw pieces back together when we’re rebuilding you through the next 28 days. 

You’ll receive a link via email which will give you instructions on how to download my App.

It is on this App where I’m going to provide you with nutritional tools, training programmes and the additional accountability that you need to see you through the 28 days. 

Each and every week we will meet via Zoom for your accountability call. 

It is during this call that we will discuss your goals, your habits that are required to achieve those goals, remove any obstacles that we foresee ahead of us and ways in which we can measure your progress over the week ahead. 

You’ll be invited to a number of online seminars throughout the next 28 days.

It’s in these seminars that I’ll teach you everything you need to know with regards to nutrition, training, supplementation, lifestyle design.

It’ll be these tools that you’ll be able to take with you once the 28 day is completed, to better yourself in months and years ahead. 

You will also gain complimentary access to unlimited Online Team Training via Zoom.

This programme runs 7 days a week so you’ve got plenty of opportunity to pick and choose times that suit you.

When the The 28 Day Kick Start begin?

The 28 Day Kick Start begins on the 1st of each month and runs for a consecutive 28 days. 

So if you’re ready to commit, click the enrolment link below and I look forward to welcoming you on board The 28 Day Kick Start programme.