Beth Clay

Beth Clay’s Testimonial

Beth will admit that she was always been on the large side but after getting married and having children, she became larger than she ever imagined.

“Losing weight is something I have always battled with,” says Beth. “When I met my husband Gordon in 1998 I was a size 14 to 16, but after six months of dating I went up to a size 18.”

Staff nurse Beth, 30, dieted down to a size 16 for her wedding to Gordon in 2004 and managed to maintain this weight until she got pregnant.

“Eating for two is something everyone advises against but for me it was an ideal excuse to eat, leading to a much larger weight gain than normal,” says Beth.

“My son Henry was born in 2006 and I commenced the battle of losing not only the usual baby weight, but also the ‘eating for two’ weight which was proving very hard.”

Over the next two years Beth’s weight fluctuated and she found herself losing a pound or two one month but then putting it on again the next.

She became pregnant again in March 2008 and once again fell into the trap of eating too much.

She says: “You think I would have learnt the first time but no, I was worse this time and gained a massive 4st 7lb.”

George was born in October 2008, by which time Henry was a very active two-year-old and always on the go. Beth made sure she cooked her sons’ meals from scratch using only healthy ingredients but failed to treat herself with the same respect.

Beth says: “I seemed to neglect my own health and diet needs and before I knew it I was buying size 22 clothes, feeling very sluggish and all in all very low.”

In the past Beth had tried lots of different ways of losing weight including counting points and weekly clubs but nothing kept her interested long enough for it to make a difference.

She says: “I managed to lose a couple of stone by following a diet plan and swimming but then I got bored and gave up.”

By this time Henry was at nursery and one of her biggest fears was the other kids noticing his “fat mum” when she came to pick him up.

“I wanted to be the mum that ran on sports day and that had all the energy needed to be an exciting fun mum to be with. The boys always wanted to be busy doing activities that, a lot of the time, I didn’t want to do,” says Beth.

“Thinking about how unfair this was on my boys I knew I had to find something that was going to work and make me be the mum I always wanted to be.”

As her thirtieth birthday approached, Beth became even more conscious that she wanted to lose the weight for good.

“In the October of 2010 I looked through the internet for a fat loss programme. I wanted it to include everything such as measurements and exercise. I found many different options but all were so expensive I gave up,” says Beth.

“A few days later I got a phone call from my friend Nic asking if I wanted to try this voucher offer that she had found for 12 boot camp sessions over a six-week period.”

The boot camp sessions were with Paramount Fitness at Nottingham Business Centre in Lenton Boulevard. Beth’s six-week plan incorporated a new diet along with training at least three times a week. The hard core sessions included dead lifts, squats, lunges, bench press, chin ups and a sprint interval training programme.

Beth says: “We walked into this small room with not much in it and were greeted by our trainer Lee Cooper. We started training straight away and before I knew it an hour had passed and I could no longer control my legs.”

She also had her measurements taken and weighed in at 15 st 7lbs.

“I was gutted by the numbers that we showing and felt even more determined to follow what I was being told to do,” says Beth.

As well as training, Beth embarked on a 21-day detoxification eating plan which involved drinking at least three litres of water (including green tea) a day and eliminating tea, coffee and any other juices. She was allowed to consume an unlimited amount of fibrous vegetables, particularly anything green, and her goal was to consume 2g of protein for every 1kg of lean muscle tissue.

Beth says: “After two weeks we got weighed, I was so nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. I felt a hundred times better than when I joined but this didn’t stop me feeling just as big. Getting on the scales I saw I had lost 10lb I was buzzing.”

After the initial six weeks of training Beth then grouped together with two other members from boot camp and started personal training sessions with Lee twice a week.

She says: “I looked forward to each session and loved the changes I could see and feel in my body.

“The comments and looks I got from people who saw the changes in me were a massive boost of confidence and helped me stay focused.”

By her thirtieth birthday in July last year, Beth was delighted with her new body.

“It was such an achievement to be celebrating as a fit 30 year old rather than a fat one” says Beth.

Just a year after starting her training, Beth had reached her target of being a size 12 and was crowned Paramount Fitness’ Most Progressed Female at their annual award ceremony.

Beth’s transformation also inspired husband Gordon who started training with Paramount Fitness in November last year.

Beth says: “He has lost a massive two and a half stone. As a couple we have changed the way we live dramatically, we both love exercise, eating healthily and feel amazing.

“Most importantly we can now give our boys the mummy and daddy they deserve, ones that are full of energy, fun to be with and great role models of how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.”