Gurpreet Bhogal

Gurpreet Bhogal

How long have you been training with Paramount Fitness?
10 months

What Programme are you signed up to?
I started with boot camp 3 times a week and then upgraded to unlimited when I had finished Uni. Since moving away from Nottingham I have signed up to Online PT and I’m looking forward to seeing the results from that.

Before starting with Paramount Fitness, describe your state of health,
fitness and general well-being.

Generally I was ok, I used to do 5k runs but was still over weight. Looking back, I didn’t always stick to my routine week after week so the motivation wasn’t always there and I used to, sometimes, go 1-2 weeks without running and I didn’t push myself as much eg: run faster, beat previous times.

What was the pivotal point which made you get in contact with Paramount

As it got to the end of 2012 I was feeling less and less like myself. Despite the odd run and trying to eat healthily I was actually gaining weight as opposed to losing it and as a result of this feeling really low about myself. Like any girl I love shopping and fashion but I felt my options were becoming limited when I looked through my wardrobe and I didn’t feel confident at all when I was out with friends and family. Seeing pictures only highlighted this further and then a friend told me that Paramount Fitness were doing a discount on 10 sessions in December. I felt at that point that I needed some real encouragement, guidance and support so decided to take up the offer and never looked back.

What were your goals back then?
To lose weight and feel good about myself.

How did you feel after your first training session?
I ached, a lot! But I also felt great because I knew I had pushed my body and that this type of training was going to change and impact my fitness and body more than other type of exercise.

What have you achieved to date?
I’ve lost 4% body fat, 7cm from my hips, 16.5cm from my waist, 2.5cm from my chest and 10kg in weight. My fitness and strength has improved so much. I can lift weights twice, even treble, what I started lifting and I push myself and motivate myself much more. I’ve also learnt an invaluable amount about nutrition and it is definitely something I will keep with me throughout life.

What emotional boundaries have you had to overcome, which have been tough,
but you knew you had to, to get the results you wanted?

I think the biggest thing for me has been dealing with why I was putting weight on over the last few years and how to combat the behaviours and habits I had become accustom to. I’m a big emotional and comfort eater and when I felt down I would turn to food instead of dealing with the issue at hand. I’ve found training to be a great way of working through any emotional problem, work, stress, anger, sadness, whatever it is, a training session at Paramount always leaves me feeling better and gives me something positive to focus my energy on.

Why were achieving the above results so important to you?
I wanted to feel good about myself and feel happy. I’ve struggled since I was a child with my weight, so I’ve always been self conscious and wanted to be healthy and fit and “normal” like everyone else my age. I also knew that if I didn’t get really serious about my health and fitness I could easily gain a lot of weight quickly, because that’s how my body works, and then it would be twice as hard to lose it and my vicious cycle of feeling down and comfort eating would never end.

What are the best things about training with Paramount Fitness?
The support and encouragement you get, not only from all 3 trainers, but other members too. I’ve met some fantastic people and made great friends through Paramount. No one ever judges you or makes you feel out of place. It’s just such a positive and supportive place to train. People constantly swap tips about nutrition and training too. Also, since moving away and having to train by myself I’ve noticed how incredibly helpful it is having your trainer encourage you throughout the session. Lee, Corey and Dan will never let you quit or stay on the same weights. They encourage you to push yourself and improve at each session. They also motivate you to push through the pain barrier and finish your set or whatever exercise you’re doing.

What are your goals now, moving forward?
I want to continue to lose weight and body fat. I also want to increase my strength, especially in my upper body. Now that I’ve seen the results from training with weights I really want to tone up more and lose more cms.

If you could sum up your experience of training with Paramount Fitness to
date in under 50 words, what would you say?

It’s totally changed my life. They give you the best advice and answer all questions. All 3 trainers are so approachable, friendly and always have time for you. No 2 sessions are ever the same and each time you leave knowing that you have been pushed to your limit.