10 Ways To Stay On Track

1. Remover ALL temptation. If you have food & drink in your fridge, freezer, cupboards or even initially, in your shopping trolley, REMOVE IT.

2 .Stay clear of awkward situations. By this I mean, if you don’t want to be eating bad food, stay away from where bad food
is sold. I know this can be quite tricky. My tip if you know you will be somewhere like this, eat before. I.e – Cinema!

3. Tell someone / Make it public. Post it on Facebook, Tweet about it. By making your Goals publicly known, you are
adding a little bit of social pressure which certainly gives you a little kick up the backside.

4. Write it down. Like my previous post, I asked you to write down your SMART goal(s). Once you’ve written them down,
you’ve ‘inked’ them. They are in black and white. This alone makes them even more real.

5. Post-It! I don’t mean on Facebook or Twitter. I mean Post-It notes. Write your goal on a few of them, stick them in
various places around your home. The Fridge door, inside the cupboard door, bedroom mirror, anywhere!

6. Friendly competition. If you have a friend who has the same goal as you, compete. Keep each other on track by texting,
talking and training together. If one of you is doing better than the other, it’ll soon give you a kick start if you need it!

7. Keep a food dairy. If you don’t already, I suggest you do. Many individuals thing they are eating healthy, varied
and good quality foods. But writing it down may surprise you. Do it for 3-4 days at first and then re-evaluate.

8. Join a training group. Like our Boot Camp and SGPT programmes, they are very sociable. We find that this helps
individuals stay on track for longer as they get encouragement from others in ‘the same boat’.

9. Reward yourself! I do with EVERY goal I have. I have a reward. Whether it’s a new pair of trainers, the latest
nutrition book or a day trip out somewhere. Like anything, you will work harder towards achieving something if the
reward is worthwhile!

10. Look at the process. Process Goals are so important. So much so that i’ll write a post on how to set them next week.
These small steps will keep you on track towards your bigger goal.

So there you have it. 10 Ways To Stay On Track. Implement one or two of these and you’ll be closer to your goal.