13 Mistakes You Are Making In The Gym

1) You’re doing the same thing now, as you did 6 months ago, let alone 6 weeks ago.

Your body is designed to change. The only way your body is going to progress and therefore get results is to give it a stimulus greater than what it is used to.

2) You don’t do it because you don’t like it.

You know what makes successful people. The ability to do what they don’t like doing, as they know it gets results. Don’t like to Squat? Learn to love them. Some exercises NEED to be in your routine to get the results you want.

3) You simply don’t work hard enough.

I hate to be blunt with you, but chances are you’re just not training hard enough. Not every session has to come to an end with you seeing stars and vomiting, but hard graft is rarely seen in standard gym environments. Push yourself.

4) You see it as social time.

If your goal is to transform your body and get results, you shouldn’t be talking, texting, gossiping in the gym. Save that for the Starbucks after.

5) You lift your mobile phone more than you lift weights.

Keep your phone in your locker. If you’re checking your phone between sets or more so, you won’t be getting anywhere fast.

6) You’ve been doing 3 sets of 10 for the last 5 years.

Change some other variables. You can manipulate the sets, reps, rest, tempo just as much as you can the loads that you lift.

7) You’re hitting the same angles, every time.

Train your muscles from all angles. Train them from a stretched position, a shortened position, a pronated grip rather than a supinated grip. You will reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries too.

8) You follow the masses.

The masses are standing on Bosu Balls, doing Zumba and drinking Herbalife. I’m not sure what their success rate is, but we won’t be promoting those things anytime soon.

9) You’re not using the tools that you’ve been given.

You’ve been given advice, you’ve read magazines with tips in. Yet you still do what you want because you want to.

10) You’re scared of lifting heavier weights in the fear that you will get ‘bulky’.

You are on the Leg Press and are only lifting 20kg as you have fear than any more than that will increase the muscle mass on your legs 10-fold and you’ll have thighs like tree trunks.

11) You are choosing short-term enjoyment over what you REALLY want.

You are going to a gym class because you have fun with your friends, yet behind the scenes you are still unhappy with how your body looks. You know you should be doing something different.

12) You’re doing exercises to hit specific areas.

Eventually, you can work on sculpting your arms. But whilst you still have excess body fat covering them up, doing Tricep Kickbacks aren’t doing you any favours. You should be hitting big movements like Squats, Deaadlifts, Presses & Pulls.

13) You haven’t hired a Coach yet.

Yep. There are plenty of coaches out there. You have so many to choose from. You’d hire a tennis coach if you wanted to become good at Tennis. The same goes with Golf. But you haven’t hired a Fat Loss Coach? That might be why you aren’t good at Fat Loss. Don’t be afraid to seek guidance.

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