5 Accelerators To Awesome Results

1. Track Your Training

Sets, Reps, Rest, Tempo, Angles, Frequency, Movement Patterns. Do they matter? Well of course, if you’re an advanced trainee and have a very specific goal or have an extremely small training window, meaning the programme design would have to be very much on the money.

But if you’re like most, you just need to move more, create balance and remove aches & pains.

So when I talk about tracking your training, I mean three things:

– The number of training sessions / exercise you complete each week
– The total time of training sessions / exercise you complete each time, totalled up each week
– The type of activity which made up that training session / exercise each time

It doesn’t have to be mind-boggling information, that can be looked at in deeper detail later down the line. Right now, it’s about moving more, gradually increasing the intensity, finding an exercise type that you enjoy so that you can find some consistency with it.


2. Know Your Numbers

You’ve probably heard of Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats. You may or may not know too much about them. But over time these three Macronutrients will become key players in your quest for better health, better body and better performance.

These 3 are not as confusing as first thought, you once again, just need to find a way to create an understanding of them. Ultimately, you need to know the following when it comes to these Macronutrients:

– How many calories are in a gram of each one
– Where you are likely to find higher quantities of Protein, Carbohydrates & Fats, individually
– Which Protein Source is leanest, vs fattiest
– Which Carbohydrates are better to stabilise blood sugars and which are better to spike them
– Which Fats are best to consume and which are best to avoid

All of these questions listed above can be answered easily and once you get the hang of applying the answers (and your nutrition becomes your priority), you’ll feel more in control of your nutritional choices, habits and results.


3. Control Your Corruption

Self sabotage is more than likely the reason you keep moving further away from your goal than closer towards.

And it’s OK, as we all fall into this in some way shape or form.

Self sabotage, or corruption as i’ve titled it in this case, can be done in many ways. Through alcohol, drugs, food, exercise, anger towards yourself and in your relationship, plus many more.

Your first step is to accept and be honest with yourself that you are self-sabotaging your results. This is often the hardest step. Then move on to the following:

– Identify moods / triggers which may cause you to self-sabotage
– Create, over time, a new habit which will enable you to release rather than self-sabotage
– Understand that even if you do ‘fall off track slightly, that it’s OK to do so
– Become efficient at drawing a line in the sand and get back on board with your new routine

I am not saying that this is easy. We’ve many years experience helping individuals banish bad habits, remove patterns of self-sabotage whilst assisting with creating new habits. It takes time and is a huge breakthrough in your journey.


4. Enjoy Your Exercise

“Oh god, i’ve got to go to the gym tonight!”…. “Argh, I really can’t be bothered to meet Sue to go swimming tonight”…

Ever heard yourself telling yourself something like the above before? Maybe thats due to the fact your motivation to do the exercise type that you’ve chosen is slowly drying up.

If you started your journey with a method of exercise you don’t enjoy and see as torture, a chore or boring, then you may not start at all.

Now let me clear up, there is a difference between finding something hard to begin with, due to fitness levels, muscular strength and understanding, but if you find it boring or chore-like, you’re setting yourself up for failure in most cases.

For you to get the ball rolling, aim to find a method of exercise which:

– You look forward to
– You find enjoyable, whether it be the coach, the class-mates or the structure of the session
– You are encouraged to do more and become more
– You leave feeling inspired, a better version of yourself and have learnt something
– You can see yourself sticking to it for more than 2 weeks

This may require you to do some window shopping, research, speak to current clients / members and get some information before you start. It may involve you trialling a few types before you find one that suits, but don’t give up. There is something out there which will suit your needs, wants and goals.


5. Go For The Goal

Those that don’t set goals, never achieve them.

OK, so right now you may not have a goal, or your BIG goal may scare you too much to even consider, which is probably why you’ve not go started yet.

That’s OK. You can still get started. Oftentimes we become more goal orientated once we’ve gathered momentum.

But if you do have a big goal and it seems to far ahead from where you are at right now, lets start to break it down a little.

For example…

Location A – Where you are:

– 2 Stone overweight
– Tired, lethargic and upset with yourself
– Not happy when you look in the mirror
– Determined to change things, work hard and better yourself
– Wearing clothes to cover you up rather than express who you are / want to be

Location B – Where you want to be:

– 2 Stone lighter, healthier and slimmer
– Energised, happy and positive
– Proud when you look in the mirror
– Goal orientated, ready to inspire others to do the same
– Wearing clothes you’ve always wanted to and “can’t quite believe the changes”

Looking at the above, you’ve two clear distinct markers. Rather than getting put off, scared or jaded by the distance between Location A and Location B, look to fill the gap.

A middle location needs to be created, then a further 2 middle locations need to be created too. In essence you will then have 5 steps in the process to achieving your goal, rather than just a giant leap between the two.

If you do the above, break down your goals into smaller, step by step, bite-size chunks, you greatly increase your chances of success.


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