6 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong

Don’t make these simple mistakes if your goal is to lose body fat and get in great shape.

1. Drink Sports Drinks whilst training.

Your goal is to burn stored sugar and stored fat, not burn the instantly available sugars that you are drinking whilst you train.

2. Cutting meals out. 

Don’t be daft. Fuel your body, don’t starve it. Reducing your caloric intake dramatically is only going to cause more problems for you.

3. Eating ‘Low Fat’ options.

You take something away, something else needs to be added for the balance to be restored. These guys take the Fat out of their products, but pump them full of Sugars. They are not going to help you.

4. Spend hours doing Cardio.

Take a break from the X-Trainer / Treadmill and lift some weights. Don’t be intimidated, don’t be shy. Pick up some Iron and get the body you deserve.

5. It’s catching up on you. 

You can’t out-train a bad diet, so stop thinking that spinning class you went to this morning warrants a large pizza and a glass of wine tonight, it doesn’t. Fuel the body correctly, you can still enjoy sweet, crave banishing foods and be in great shape.

6. I’m healthy in the week…

Yeah, being healthy all week is good, but Friday evening, all day Saturday & all day Sunday equates to 40% of your week. If you are only willing to be healthy 60% of the time, what results do you expect to achieve?

It’s quite simple. Don’t make these mistakes and you’ll be a lot closer to the goals that you want to achieve.

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