7 Mental Mistakes You’ve Made

7 mental (cognitive) mistakes that you’ve made in the past, which have stopped you achieving the results you deserve, in the future.

1) Self Sabotage

For whatever reason you’ve put your own obstacles in the way. You’ve allowed yourself to tell yourself that it wasn’t possible. That you couldn’t do it.

You’ve removed all confidence that you ever had and are now so low in confidence, self esteem and any self worth, that you just don’t do it. And by ‘it’, I mean ANYTHING.

You’ve lost all purpose. All drive. All enthusiasm.

All because over weeks, months, years, you’ve sabotaged yourself with negative thought processes.

No-one did it to you. No one has sat you down and talked you out of it. You have.

Procrastination, self medicating with drugs & alcohol and comfort eating are just some of the most common ways of sabotaging your self.

2) Thought It Was Out Of Reach

You have a goal. It would mean the world to you. It would CHANGE YOUR LIFE. But for some reason you believed it was out of reach. It was untouchable, not possible, therefore was only a dream.

But what about the person that you know that did achieve something that was out of reach. Does that mean anything was any different for them? Did they have a magic potion that you didn’t have? Did they have ‘lucky genetics’ or was it the fact that ‘they were born like that’.

Nothing is ever out of reach. Ask the likes of Richard Branson (if you can!), the guy who lose over 200lbs and is no longer at risk of CHD and Diabetes. As the lady who achieved all she ever wanted. The life, the home, the family and the body.

Maybe once you’ve looked at the BIG PICTURE, you might want to break it down into smaller, ACHIEVABLE chunks. That way you’ll start to notice that it isn’t really that far out of reach for you.

3) I’ll Start Next Week

Simple, yet pretty annoying if you ask me. You’ve been starting next week for the last 6 months. Maybe even longer than that. What you could have done TODAY has been put off for weeks, months, years. “it’s ok, i’ll start Monday”. THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME TO START. Why not start now? Why not take immediate action and start today, right this second?

Is it because you don’t know how to start? It is because you think it’s out of reach? Or are you just self sabotaging again and talking yourself out of it?

Or even worse. Maybe you just don’t want it enough anyway?

Think about it. If you started now, how good would you feel tomorrow? How great would you feel in 7 days? How amazing would you feel, look and be in 1 months time?

4) Accepted Mediocracy

“He/She was born that way, they have lucky genetics”. “At least I am not as bad as them. It could be worse”.

So you decide to sit in the middle. There will always be people that want to go through life moaning, telling everyone how bad there life is and how ‘unfortunate’ they are.

There are always going to be people that go out and get it! Strive for more and challenge themselves. You may have heard me talk before about ‘Climbers, Campers & Pullers’.

If you accept mediocracy, that’s fine. Don’t be ashamed of that. But also, don’t complain about those that do go out of their way to achieve more. Don’t be negative about those who have a better body than you, are healthier and lead a better life. The may have once been a person who accepted mediocracy too, but knew and wanted to be more.

Are you only choosing to remain where you currently are though due to previous self sabotage? Is it that you feel what you REALLY want is out of reach and that maybe your goals need to be made into smaller chunks first?

Think about it.

5) Got Comfortable

Let’s look at this two ways. You’ve either got comfortable where you are and you haven’t moved in the last 6 years, or you’ve progressed, achieved great results but have now got comfortable.

If you’ve got comfortable with where you are and have been for the last 6 years, i’d suggest that you go back and read the points above. You’ve got some thinking to do.

If you’ve progressed, achieved great results but have now got comfortable, let’s talk…

I want to know. If you could achieve ANYTHING. I saying ANYTHING. There was no chance of you failing and not getting what you wanted, what would it be?

So you actually want to achieve more than what you have to do. Let’s not take a shine off what you’ve achieved today, that’s pretty awesome stuff. But you actually do want a bit more, right?

If that’s the case, then look at your big picture once again and break it down. Look at one small step, rather than a big leap at this point. Any progression is better than no progression.

6) Didn’t Want To Risk It

I know. You don’t want to risk looking like a failure, do you? You don’t want to risk your friends, family members or colleagues thinking that you couldn’t do it. It would be pretty humiliating, wouldn’t it? Or would it!?!?

Firstly, why care what others think when you are trying to better yourself?

Secondly, switch it around. Because this time you are going to achieve what you set out to achieve, so there’ll be no risk of looking silly.

How about taking the risk to look better than ever, feel greater than before and to have your confidence back?

Don’t let the self sabotaging kick in. Don’t talk yourself out of it. What if I said that your friends, family members or colleagues would LOVE for you to give it a go! Would that change your mind?

So what are the risks? You waste your time. You waste your money. You waste your efforts.

What if those risks could be controlled, they were ‘calculated risks’.

What if you committed to 3 hours each week. Your money was invested, in your health, your lifestyle & your future. What if after just 6 hours of being committed your effort were rewarded with amazing results? – Would you risk it then?

7) Let Someone Else Take The Spotlight

If you don’t change the way you think, you’re going to be left behind.

Each and every day someone make that decision to change the way they think, the way they feel and what they do.


So if you’re not taking action today, you’re being left behind.

Someone else is taking the spotlight that you deserve.

They probably used to talk themselves out of it too. They probably used to think that there goal was way out of reach for them, they no doubt used to say that they’ll start next week.

But the world is changing around you. Things are meant to change, so why are you still choosing to remain the same?


So before you let someone else take the limelight, be sipping your coffee over lunch with them and having to listen to all of THEIR successes, THEIR achievements and THEIR amazing stories and thinking to your a failure of some-sort…




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