8 Daily Tasks To Keep You In Check

It’s quite easy to fall off the wagon, especially if you don’t have an idea of what you should be doing to stay on track…

Not everyone invests in having a Personal Trainer or any type of Coaching.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get access to the help you need, or at least some direction.

If you look at individuals that achieve greatness, in life, health, wealth and their careers, more often than not they’re consistent with their daily tasks.

They complete them like clockwork. Even the ones they don’t ‘want’ to do, which they often do first.

Some even set alarms to remind them. Trust me.

Some says it’s a bit too obsessed. Some say it’s dedicated.

I say it makes sense.

Because when we look at why we didn’t do the things we know we should have done, we say “I forgot”, “I was too busy” or “It slipped my mind”…

So here are 8 daily tasks that you can apply to keep you in check:

1. Eat regular meals.

It doesn’t have to be 3. It doesn’t have to be 5. It just has to be consistent. If you find you skip breakfast. Start planning to introduce it. Kick start your day right. If you often skip lunch due to work meetings and no time to leave the office, prepare lunch the day before and take it with you.

2. Drink more Water.

Like above, if you’re not drinking enough Water at the moment, chances are you’re feeling pretty lethargic and things just aren’t working properly for you. Start the day off with a Pint of Water with a slice of Lemon or Lime. Take a litre bottle with you to work and aim to fill it up at least once throughout the day. Make it your goal to drink the refill before you sign off for the day.

3. Eat 3 pieces of Fruit.

Eat your Fruits. They’re full of goodness which your body will love you for. Vary it, slice some Apple up and spread some Almond Butter on it. Enjoy some Kiwi with some Greek Yoghurt. Throw some Berries in there too. These fruits are great for snacking on throughout the day.

4. Eat 5 different Vegetables.

The same goes for your Vegetable intake. Although we want to focus on more Cruciferous Vegetables, keep the variety aspect alive. There are so many vegetables to choose from, get a mixture of textures, colours and flavours in your basket when you next hit the Grocers. If you can’t stomach 5 portions at dinner, spread them throughout the day. At worst, blend them into a smoothie if you don’t like the taste of them individually.

5. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

If you are new to exercise, anything is better than nothing. A nice stroll at lunchtime, a quick lap around the block before tea. Complete 30 minutes of exercise a day, something that gets your heart pumping and you slightly out of breath. Increase the intensity gradually as you start to progress. If you are more advanced, you may want to try one of these advanced training methods.

6. Avoid processed foods.

This one is quite obvious. If you are making a conscious effort to make yourself feel better about yourself, with increased energy, weight loss etc, it’d be stupid to fill your body with foods that have a negative effect on those things. So avoid the vending machines, the shops to and from work.

7. 7-9 hours sleep each night.

If you stay up late at night and then struggle to get up in the morning, it’s going to have a knock on effect on your nutritional choices and your energy levels, that’s for sure. Close the laptop, switch off the TV, stop scrolling through Facebook and get some shut eye. A good night sleep will keep you feeling fresh, restore some energy and help keep the food cravings at bay.

8. Stretch.

A total body stretch will do wonders for you. Not only will it benefit your posture and possibly remove any aches and pains that you have, it’ll leave you feeling lifted, loose and revitalised. Start by holding your stretches for 10-15 seconds at a time. It doesn’t matter when you do them, first thing in the morning, on your lunch break or before you hit the sack. Just get them in your daily routine where you can.

Give it a go. Add these 8 daily tasks into your routine and see your overall health, wellness and energy levels improve.

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