8 Nutrition Mistakes You Are Making…

Skipping Meals

What you think happens – “Skipping meals means less calories consumed which ultimately means I will lose weight”.

What actually happens – Blood sugar levels no doubt will drop significantly, leading you to crave something which is packed full of sugar. As a result of the next meal being quite high in fast acting sugars, you will then spike your Insulin levels which results in you going into ‘Fat Storage Mode’.

Not Eating Enough

What you think happens – “ah its ok, I’ve reduce my portion sizes and now only eat 600kcal a day”.

What actually happens – You enter what we call the ‘Sh*t Zone’. Where the body thinks you’re going into survival mode and doesn’t know where it’s next meal will be, so it stores energy and therefore Fat. You may lose weight, but more thank likely a load of water and some muscle too. No fat.


What you think happens – “it’s ok. I only ate one meal yesterday, I can eat loads today to make up for it”.

What actually happens – Erm, not quite. So yesterday you didn’t eat enough and you were in the ‘Sh*t Zone’. Today you eat too much and you therefore end up in another Sh*t Zone called the ‘Fat Gain Zone’. Why don’t you just find the balance, in the middle?

Wrong Foods, Right Time

What you think happens – “Well I eat healthily, I have porridge or cereal for breakfast, a meal deal for lunch and pasta for dinner. So I eat 3 meals a day…”

What actually happens – Yes you’re eating a good number of meals per day and no doubt good portion sizes too, but unfortunately the wrong food types. Food is fuel, not a convenience product. As a result of eating like this you are not getting the goodness your body needs.

Drinking Your Meals

What you think happens – “I drink these shakes, they’re meal replacements and have everything I need in them”.

What actually happens – Firstly, you might be getting additional nutrients than you were originally, especially if your diet was like the one above with meal deals every lunchtime. However, your body was designed to breakdown, digest and absorb your nutrition. Removing these bodily functions will not only make your body lazy, but when you return back to solids, may cause rapid weight gain as a result.

3 Minute Meals

What you think happens – “They’re quick & convenient. I had a busy day at work so that’s all I had time for. They’re ok for you”

What actually happens – You’re putting fake ‘food-like products’ into your system. Most microwave meals use the worst type of food produce. On top of that they are high in TransFats & lets not starting talking about the toxins you will absorb from the microwave. Avoid them.

Cheating On Your Cheat Meal

What you think happens – “I’ve worked my arse off this week. I deserve my massive Pizza, Cheesy Chips and a night on the town”.

What actually happens – You consume all the above and you put yourself back a fair few days / weeks. Your Cheat Meal should be a strategic re-feed. Not a chance to over-indulge and go crazy.

Star / Stop / Start Again

What you think happens – “It’s ok. Diet starts Monday. Thursday comes… Sod it, one won’t hurt. I’ll start it next Monday”.

What actually happens – Your body has NO IDEA what is going on. Your body likes routine, it likes the chance to adapt before progressing again. Chopping and changing from one diet to another will only confuse the body and make it harder to lose weight.

Do you make any of the above mistakes? If you do, i’d love to hear from you.

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