8 Ways To Stay On Track (This Winter)

1. Set A Goal (and break it down).

What is your goal?

To lose a stone? To maintain the weight loss you’ve achieved up until now?

The winter period is tough for all of us. Dark nights, miserable weather and the enjoyable festivities with family & friends which are already in the diary.

It can be difficult to stay on track.

Set yourself a goal (Outcome Goal – Lose 1 stone in 6 weeks).
Break it down (Mini Outcome Goals – Lose 2-3lb a week).
Break it down again (Process Goals – Daily habits; plan meals, daily exercise, etc).

Everything (and I mean everything), becomes less overwhelming when we break it down.

2. Track Your Calories.

This is where many people go wrong. They believe that tracking their calories takes too much time and effort.

It doesn’t. And it’s only for the short term.

It’s a fantastic tool to help you achieve your goals.

If you understand how many calories your body requires to create a deficit (lose weight), maintain your weight (maintenance calories) or create a surplus (gain weight), you can have complete control.

And track your ‘bad days’ too. Cos’ these are the ones that are holding you back.

The sooner you are honest with yourself and stop avoiding it, the better.

Like I say, tracking isn’t forever. But it’s one of the main things which is holding you back.

3. Plan Your Exercise.

Plan your exercise in advance. To the day and to the hour.

Make an appointment with yourself in your diary – It’s non-negotiable.

Too often, especially at this time of year the sofa and back to back episode of the latest Netflix craze is far more appealing than the drive across town in the cold and wet to your gym.

However, the rewards for just one hour of exercise, multiple times per week are endless.

4. Commit & Become Accountable.

Commit to your goals. 100%. Prove a point to yourself.

Cos’ chances are, you’ve been hit and miss with your training & nutrition for a while.

Tell a friend, a family member or work colleague and ask for support.
The more support the better.

Post your progress on social media. Trust me, you’ll inspire someone.
Don’t think of the nay-sayers or the individuals that may question you.

Ignore them.

Making a goal public (or at least to a few people privately) is going to be a great way to hold you accountable.

5. Hire A Coach.

Hire a Coach / Personal Trainer to assist you along the way.

They should help you with all 4 of the above points so far.

If they don’t, they’re not worth hiring, as the above as the bare-minimum they should be doing to assist you with your goals.

Together you’ll evaluate your goals, set short, mid and long term targets, monitor your nutrition and progress in training.

Not to mention be held accountable by appointments at a cost.

This doesn’t always mean hiring the cheapest one in town either. As they’re probably cheap for a reason and you’ll often see less value in your investment.

6. Get A Training Partner.

Hiring a Coach not for you? That’s fine.

Get yourself a Training Partner.

OK, so it may not be as affective as hiring a qualified professional, but in terms of accountability you can’t go far wrong. (Providing they don’t cancel on your and bail out!).

They won’t (and shouldn’t) give you advice on your training & nutrition (that’s for the experts), but meeting up at the same time, ‘x’ amount of days per week to commit to some form of exercise is all you need from them / each other.

And don’t be afraid of getting a trainer partner who is better than you.

Fitter, stronger, more consistent.

Cos’ guess what? They’ll help you raise your game.

7. Blog or Vlog Your Progress.

Love the camera and already daily snapchat or insta-story? Vlog your progress.

Hate the idea of that? Blog it.

Share your experience, your journey and story with others. You’ll inspire people along the way, you’ll hold yourself accountable once again and when you watch or read it back, it’s a great way of seeing how far you’ve come.

Writing things down in particular will help keep you motivated, whilst helping to clear your mind.

8. Reward Yourself.

Reward yourself for achieving your goals. No matter how big or small.

I’m not saying you should sabotage your progress and reward yourself with food. Thats a poor relationship with said food in the first place and is for a completely different blog post.

But certainly have a reward of some kind.

A massage. A nail treatment. A new item of clothing (hopefully a size or two down by this stage). You get the idea.

Something that you want to work for.

The bigger the goal, the bigger the reward.

Get a photo of what you’re working for (a holiday destination, a picture of a massage table, a print out of the jeans you want) and stick it on your fridge, wardrobe or desk.

A constant reminder will serve well when called upon at times of temptation.

So there you have it. 8 Ways To Stay On Track (this winter).

I hope you’ve found it useful. Please comment below and let me know what you’re working towards this winter.