Alison Pierce

Name: Alison Pierce

How long have you been training with Paramount Fitness?
Two and a half years

What programme are you signed up to?
Small Group Personal Training

Before starting with Paramount Fitness, describe your state of health, fitness and general well-being.
I was almost 15 stone in weight and knew that I needed to get my weight under control in order to become healthier.

What was the pivotal point which made you get in contact with Paramount Fitness?
I was trying to lose weight, but had only lost a few pounds and then I saw a Groupon offer for the Boot Camp sessions.

What were your goals back then?
To lose weight and slim down.

How did you feel after your first training session?
Shattered, but happy that I’d survived.

What have you achieved to date?
I managed to lose almost 4 stone in the first 6 months and have sustained that weight loss for the past two years. I’m a size 12 instead of a size 18/20 and lift weights that I never thought would be possible.

What emotional boundaries have you had to overcome, which have been tough, but you knew you had to, to get the results you wanted?
I had to face up to the fact that I use food as an emotional response to situations (good or bad) and controlling that response is still something that I have to work on today.

Why were achieving the above results so important to you?
I didn’t want to face an old age of obesity and diabetes and I wanted my body back as it was when I was younger.

What are the best things about training with Paramount Fitness?
It’s tough but fun.  You leave every session knowing that you’ve worked hard and it doesn’t matter who is in your session – they will always be encouraging and supportive, even if you’re struggling.

What are your goals now, moving forward?
I’d like to lose a bit more weight and maybe drop one more dress size.

If you could sum up your experience of training with Paramount Fitness to date in under 50 words, what would you say?
I’ve found a place where I can train really hard but still enjoy keeping fit with some like-minded people.  The trainers really know their stuff, not just in terms of how to train you, but also with their nutritional advice, which makes the offering at Paramount Fitness a unique and complete package.