Ben Waymark

Name: Ben Waymark

How long have you been training with Paramount Fitness?
Since June 2012, so a year and a half.

What Programme are you signed up to?
I do SGPT twice a week and PT once a week (with PF Coach, Corey Johnson). I started off doing Boot Camp.

Before starting with Paramount Fitness, describe your state of health, fitness and general well-being.
I was at a Boot Camp in Devon for a year or so before moving to Nottingham. I was managing but only just and was morbidly obese according to my Doctor. I could make it through a Boot Camp session, but only just …

What was the pivotal point which made you get in contact with Paramount Fitness?
Lee asked me to document what I was eating for a week after I told him that my diet “wasn’t that bad”. I assumed because I didn’t eat fast food or fizzy drinks it must be fine. I was wrong.

What were your goals back then?
To lose weight and get into shape.

How did you feel after your first training session?
Excellent and motivated to go on (but quite sore).

What have you achieved to date?
I have dropped from 125KG to under 100KG (97kg today). I now wear size 40″ trousers and instead of size 46″ and can shop at ‘normal’ stores instead of going to fat people’s stores. Where I couldn’t do any press-ups, now I can do 10 to 20 quite easily …

And I was also crowned Paramount Fitness Biggest Loser 2013 at the Annual Party in October this year.

What emotional boundaries have you had to overcome, which have been tough, but you knew you had to, to get the results you wanted?
I have never been athletic, never really liked sports, and have never been “in” shape particularly. I was afraid of the whole world of fitness and assumed it wasn’t for people like me. Even after a year and a half I have to remind myself that I can do it.

Why were achieving the above results so important to you?
Because at 40 years of age you can make a choice to get in shape and have a shot of living another 40 years in good health or just give up and assume you’ll slip into a diabetic coma or cardiac arrest in the next 20 years.

What are the best things about training with Paramount Fitness?
Great team & great positive environment to train in. Really feel encouraged all along the way, both by the trainers and the members as a whole. It feels like we are all there to get the results we want together.

What are your goals now, moving forward?
I want to lose another 25KG or so (or at least become lean enough that I bring my body fat down to about 15%)

If you could sum up your experience of training with Paramount Fitness to date in under 50 words, what would you say?
Excellent experience which has had a real and measurable positive impact of my life. People are always telling me how trim I am looking now. Have been enjoying it through and through.