Don’t Be Busy Doing Nothing

Over the last few days i’ve been running full throttle with my checklist and getting everything set for the Paramount Fitness Annual Awards Party. A big bash we throw every year to celebrate the achievements of our Members.


It’s a big celebration. We give out Awards, give speeches, enjoy good food and dance all night. It’s great fun.


Well I’ve been super productive getting it organised.


I’ve worked a few more hours than usual. But those extra hours that I have worked have been ON THE MONEY. Super productive, concise and results orientated.


So why is this of any interest to you?


Well, you can either hire me to arrange a party for you or you can take a lesson from this and apply it to your fat loss goal.


You can either continue to be busy trying to lose weight or you can become more productive with it and achieve the results you want in the current time you have or maybe even less time than you think.


You just need to become more productive with it.


– You need to set a list of goals you want to achieve.

– You need to source what you want, from the places that you know you can get it (fitness training, nutrition advice, lifestyle support)

– You need to plan appointments in your diary FOR YOU. Allocation of time for your training, your relaxing, your meals.

– You need to set a deadline.


You also need to remove the fuzz. The haze. And simplify it.


Your training should be simple. 2-4 hours a week is enough.


Your nutrition should be simple. Eating healthily is a start.


Stop over complicating things and being busy doing nothing. Everyone is busy doing nothing.


You need to become PRODUCTIVE and SIMPLIFY IT.


Those who achieve great results with us do exactly that!

AND, they have more time to do the things they really want.


We don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get the results we want!