Changing The Game 2015 – Orlando, Florida

Myself and Paramount Fitness Strength Coach, Dan Thorpe, have just got back from a week in Orlando, Florida.


We flew over to attend the Changing The Game conference and managed to get a few days of sight-seeing in too, just to get the balance of work & play right!


It was definitely needed, after the amount of content we were trying to absorb from all the speakers.


For those of you in the Fitness Industry reading this, the line up was made up of Luka Hocevar (Owner of Vigor Ground Fitness), Steve Krebs (Co-Owner of The Pack – Fitness Business Mentoring), Travis Jones (Owner of Results Based Training & Business Performance Coaching), Garrett J White (Founder of Warrior Week & the Wake Up Warrior Movement), Martin Rooney (Owner of Training for Warriors), John Spencer Ellis (3x #1 Best Selling Author), Paul Mort (Owner of MMIC), AJ Roberts (Powerlifting World Champion & Fitness Entrepreneur), Jason Ferruggia (Madonna Impersonator), plus many, many more.


Myself with Master Coach, Garrett J White of the Wake Up Warrior movement.



It was probably the strongest line up of speakers I’ve seen at one single event.


So you can clearly see why we needed a few days post conference to digest the information they’d shared.


If you are not in the fitness industry, or for those of you who don’t recognise any of the names listed above, just put your trust in me when I say “they are some of the biggest players in the game of fitness, business and life-success”.


So it was a great privilege to hear them speak.


After a nice 8.5 hour flight, myself and Dan had landed in Orlando, ready to focus and learn from these guys.


After a relaxing round of Golf and a good nights sleep, we made our way to the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort which would be home of the conference for the next 3 days.


As like most of these fitness business events, when you arrive into the conference room on the first morning, there is a certain level of energy, expectation and excitement.


This was no different.


The only significant difference you felt was that everyone was there for one thing, and one thing only…


To Change The Game




‘The game’ can mean many things and I am sure it means different things for different people.


It could be the game of their fitness business, their gym, their studio or their online product.


It could be the game of their family, work-life balance and personal relationships.


It could be the game of their bank balance, their income and their financial security.


It could be the game of personal growth, mindset, clarity and direction.


But what we didn’t know before the event started, was how these next 3 days were going to cover all of those area’s, and more!


Having been back in the UK for a few days now and having been able to digest all the notes (6,400+ words) i’d made, here are my key points which I’ve taken away with me which can relate to you in someway, shape or form.


– You can try to justify the hell out of the reasons why you’re not achieving the results you want (in life, business and being), but at the end of the day, they’re often excuses.

Stop justifying poor results and take action. Self justification of failure is a lie. Stop lying to yourself. 


– You are more likely to achieve results with accountability, access and association.

Right now, other than yourself, who are you accountable to for the results you want? Nobody? There’s a problem. Do you have an expert in the field that you want to improve in to get access to the information you need? Who is in your circle? Positive, results driven and determined individuals, or negative, ‘campers’ who are happy staying in their comfort zone?


– You have a purpose.

You won’t find clarity, direction or commit to anything with intent until you are clear on your purpose.


– Thinking big is just as easy as thinking small.

It takes no more effort to think big than it does to think small. Create big goals, big dreams. Break them down into small chunks and achieve them like stepping stones. 


– You can’t help others until you help yourself.

Like the oxygen mask on the aeroplane, fit your before helping others. You’re no doubt helping others around you but neglecting yourself. It’s time to change. You will not get results in any area of your life if you continue to neglect those area’s.


– Start being present in all area’s of your life.

Being ‘there’ isn’t the same as ‘being there’. Put your phone down, close your laptop and start being present in the moment. In conversation. Stop taking photo’s and video’s of the moments and be in them. Build stronger relationships with others and yourself. Stop wasting time on social media.


– Are you failing after giving up just a few times?

Man tried many times to send a rocket to the moon, to create a light-bulb, to connect the world via the world wide web. If they’d have given up after the first failed attempt, no greatness would have been achieved. Even if it takes you 10 times, don’t quit!


– Change your story, change your outcome.

Your life is no different to anybody else’s. We all have struggles, injuries, obstacles and problems. How you decide to react to your events in life creates the outcome. 


– Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Stop over complicating matters, looking for the magic bullet or designing the most complex method to get results, it won’t impress anybody. Think simple, apply it and add consistency to it for far greater results than complex inconsistency.


– Too much joy can make others unhappy.

Don’t go about your day to impress people. Go about your day to impress upon people. If you achieve greatness in any area of your life, encourage others to do the same. 


– It doesn’t matter what you know, unless you can get someone to do it.

Having 100’s of tools in your toolbox means nothing if you don’t know how to use one. Learn how to master one of your tools, before learning another.  


– Be Real, Raw & Relevant.


I could go on… But as you will see if you click to watch this video below, it’s not about how much information you have, it’s about how much information you put into action.


 ** Warning – Explicit Content **

(Dan’s passion coming through…)

Action brings results.


I am already looking forward to Changing The Game 2016, and all that we can achieve in the meantime.


“Two Clap – BOOM!”