A Day In The Life Of… Alison Pierce

Alison Pierce has been a Member of Paramount Fitness for over 3 years.

Having lost nearly 5 stone during this time (4 stone in the first year alone!), multiple dress sizes and completely transformed her way of life, we’ve asked Alison to kindly share how she goes about her day, to ensure she not only achieves her weight loss goals, but also keeps her energy levels stable, her productivity high and her health the main focus.

Monday Starts on Sunday

I’ve been a Mum for many years now and I clearly remember how hard it used to be to get everyone out of the house on a Monday morning. Even though my children are now independent young adults, this never seems to change and I still struggle to get myself out of the house particularly on a Monday morning.

To help me through the mornings I start my Monday on Sunday. Every Sunday I cook down a large pan of chilli (teas sorted for the first couple of week days) and pack up my training kit. It’s left by the front door with my work bag so I’d have to trip over it and can’t possibly forget it. I also put together a bag containing snacks and my lunch, a protein shaker and a portion of protein. The bag is put next to the fridge, so that any lunch bits that need to be kept in the fridge overnight are just transferred into my lunch bag in the morning and that bag is then put by the front door too.

As soon as the alarm goes off at 6am the first thing I attend to is breakfast. Every week day starts for me with a bowl of gluten free porridge (made with almond milk) topped with a handful of blueberries and a protein shake to drink. It’s a breakfast that is quick and easy and something that I find easy to eat and digest at this time of day. I also don’t have to think too much about it and that helps too. Once I’ve eaten I take any lunch items stored in the fridge and put those in my lunch bag and put that by the front door. With breakfast eaten and lunch packed and ready to go, I then shower and get ready for work.

I try to be out of the door between 7:15am-7:30am which allows me to get to my desk usually around 7:45am. My days can be variable, but Mondays are usually full of meetings and these can start any time from 8am onwards. But before I start any work or meetings I make a hot drink – either peppermint tea, or black coffee with coconut oil and a sweetener. Both drinks tend to wake me up a bit and help me to get on with the day. I also fill up a bottle with water from the water fountain so I can grab it to take with me into meetings.

Around about 10am I’m usually ready for a snack. If I’m at my desk working, then favourites at the moment include turkey breast spread with peanut butter or cottage cheese with a couple of dark rye Ryvita, but sometimes I’m not able to snack because of meetings, and this is when temptation is at its worst, particularly if some kind soul has brought biscuits or cakes into the meeting. If my macros (nutritional allowance) allow it, I try to carry a small handful of nuts with me and this can be enough to help avoid giving into temptation. If not, I have to rely on will power alone!

Lunch is fitted in sometime between midday and 2pm and I try really hard to make at least 15 minutes to eat my lunch (usually chicken salad follow by some greek yoghurt) whilst also catching up on e-mails or whatever’s headlining on the news.

On into more meetings, and the most difficult time of my day which is between 2pm – 4pm when I have always struggled with a ‘slump’ and generally feel a bit tired and hungry. Cue time for another snack or protein shake to see me through to the end of work. This is the time when I have to try to avoid popping into Costa to grab a latte (and then have to resist the cakes that they have on offer), although sometimes a hot drink is just what is needed – green tea or peppermint tea are favourites at this time.

If my day is really full with meetings as well as a lot of work to be done, I may go direct to Paramount Fitness from work which is why I always have my kit with me. Training is at 7pm and I’m usually home just after 8:15pm. With the chilli pre-prepared all I have to do is to steam some veg (usually broccoli and cauliflower) and warm a portion of chilli through which means I’ve usually eaten before 9pm. Just enough time to prepare my lunch bag for the next day, grab a bath or shower and then crash into bed by 10pm, hopefully to get a decent night’s sleep before it all starts all over again.

As you can see, it’s the preparation and planning which enables Alison to achieve such great results. Not only has Alison made it her prerogative to learn about nutrition over the years that she’s been training with us, she’s found strategies to make it easy for her to implement these actions into her busy daily schedule.

This takes time, patience and commitment.

Well done Alison on your fantastic results so far, thank you for sharing ‘A Day In Your Life’ and I hope you continue to inspire others to achieve great results.

If you’d like to read more about Alison’s transformation you can do that by clicking the link.