A Day In The Life Of… Laura Moore

Laura has been a Member of Paramount Fitness for nearly 18 months and in that time has achieved some fantastic goals.

Not only does Laura represent TeamGB, she has also set many Personal Bests, dropped significant levels of Body Fat and is well on her way to being the strongest & fittest she’s ever been.

We’ve asked Laura to kindly share how she manages her job, which often see’s her commuting to Kent and overnight stays, her nutrition and the demands of playing such a high performance sport.

My working days start at 05:45.

I work across a variety of sites in the UK so often have to travel before I even start work, taking numerous calls on the go.

So it’s up and straight on to breakfast. I have Green Tea with breakfast, at first I hated not having that morning coffee but I now prefer the green tea. Depending on what I have on that day depends on what I have for breakfast. Today I am training at Paramount Fitness in the evening.

My breakfast is two hard boiled eggs and two quorn fillets. I prepare this at the same time as I am getting my food for the day ready. Lunch and snacks have to be prepared and are often something I can dip into as and when as my days are busy at work. Today I have made a chicken salad with lots of extra green leaves, I had some broccoli left from last nights dinner so I have put it in my salad too. I also had chicken for tea last night and cooked an extra chicken breast so I didn’t need to mess around this morning. Snacks consist of cashew nuts, blueberries and a chopped apple. I throw it all in one tub and pick throughout the day.

Breakfast is inhaled, then I take the dog for a walk around the block before jumping in the shower and getting ready to leave. Off to Hatfield today in North London. I am out the house by 06:45am ready to sit in traffic on the M1. I take my travel mug with me full of green tea and I always carry bottles of water in my car as I find I get really dehydrated driving. After battling the giant carpark that is the M1 I arrive into Hatfield at 09:30am. More green tea and a quick pick in the snack tub before my first meeting.

We break at 10:30am for teas/coffees and biscuits. I always find this hard as the biscuits start looking at me and no one seems to understand why you would refuse a chocolate bourbon. I usually take this opportunity to take a quick break outside even if it’s raining as sitting in all day drives me mad. Back into the meeting with a glass of water.

A few more graphs and powerpoints and I am ready for lunch. Whilst everyone else wonders what they might have today from the butty wagon, I am already sat down with my salad. After eating I have a tour of the site, again for fresh air and because I am nosey and like to see what is happening in the depots. 13:00 and I am back in with HR for a half an hour review before getting ready for the return to the North. More green tea in the travel mug.

I pull into the Nottingham depot at 15:45 and am feeling hungry and tired from the drive. I have the snack tub to fall back on, so finish off the tub treats of cashews and berries. There is always coffee on the go in Nottingham so I have a coffee about 16:00 and catch up on events with the staff. I am now behind on my emails so back to my office and quickly run through what is important and what can wait. I find I am quite productive post coffee and snacks and usually get a lot done in the hour or so before I leave work.

17:00 I am hot footing it out the door already changed for SGPT. Straight after SGPT I have a protein shake in my car and I always sit and drink this before I leave. I really like my protein shakes which help as it is almost a reward for working hard during the session. I have USN GF-1 Banana Toffee as it has a high protein content, and it reminds me of angel delight.

When I get home I am hunting out what I am going to have for dinner. Tonight I had steak with broccoli, spinach and a small sweet potato. I grill the steak on my George Foreman and use a bit of coconut oil to help it not stick, but also for the good fats. I always have a pint of water with my dinner too. By the time dinner is ready it is 20:15 so I am ready to devour. I cooked two pieces of steak tonight as I wanted to cut the second in to strips to put in my lunch for tomorrow. I try wherever possible to cook the night before for the lunch the day after.

Time to shower and then feet up in front of the TV for an hour or so before the dog needs another walk around the block. Just before bed I take my vitamins / supplements and then get myself up the stairs. I put black out curtains in my room a number of months ago now and I sleep so much better than I used to. I used to wake two, three times a night but I sleep through now 80% of the time. It all starts again at 05:45 the next day.

As you can see Laura has a number of obstacles that she faces on a daily basis. A long commute from Nottingham to a number of sites in the UK, quote often resulting in lengthy times behind the wheel, along with the temptations of biscuits and all those other foods that circulate the office.

Laura is always asking questions and loves learning about all aspects of fitness. Her willingness to learn about nutrition with the assistance of the coaches at Paramount Fitness have enabled her to achieve great results so far, which she is determined to continue to do moving forward.

Well done Laura on all of your achievements so far and thank you for sharing your ‘A Day In The Life’. I hope it inspires others to do the same.