Delia De Silva

Name: Delia Dennis De Silva

How long have you been training with Paramount Fitness?
19 months

What programme are you signed up to?
2x weekly Bootcamp

Before starting with Paramount Fitness, describe your state of health,
fitness and general well-being.

Before joining PF, my fitness levels were very low, I had very little stamina and struggled to do 2 push-ups.

What was the pivotal point which made you get in contact with Paramount

At 45yrs old, I was becoming more and more conscious of my health and my weight. After seeing a Groupon deal, I thought I’d give it go to see if this is something I could do.

What were your goals back then?
At that time my goal was to lose 2 stone, after loosing a stone, my aim then became more about staying healthy than losing weight.

How did you feel after your first training session?
Like I’d just done a few rounds with Mike Tyson!

What have you achieved to date?
Both strength and stamina have improved greatly along with losing weight, dropping body fat and losing a fair few cm’s too.

What emotional boundaries have you had to overcome, which have been tough,
but you knew you had to, to get the results you wanted?

I’d say, for me it was food, that was so difficult. But what made it acceptable was PF gave me not only a menu, but a shopping list too, that was the best help ever. I had very poor upper body strength, this was an issue for me, although I have more than doubled what I had previous to PF.

Why was achieving the above results so important to you?
Again age and health, risks of stroke, diabetes and cancer as they are in my family history, I needed to reduce my risks. But I am now 47, weigh 69kg and have an over 45 health check and given a clean bill of health.

What are the best things about training with Paramount Fitness?
I like that we are all individuals and not measured or compared to each other. Regardless of your size weight fitness, you are not singled out or made to do something that may embarrass or compromise you in any way.

What are your goals now, moving forward?
Maintaining my weight and health, not looking to look like Barbie at my age but am happy where I’m at. Would probably like to have a ‘little’ more definition in my arms and abs but not to look like Fatima Whitbread though!

If you could sum up your experience of training with Paramount Fitness to
date in under 50 words, what would you say?

My experience has been very positive and successful. I have met new friends. Although the sessions are hard work, each and every time I leave I feel so much better than when I first arrived. I am more able to concentrate and study, and can focus more now in my work setting, so win win situation for me.