Emily Whyte

 Emily Whyte

How long have you been training with Paramount Fitness? 
6 months

What Programme are you signed up to?
Boot camp 2 x per week – but do Strongman on a Saturday when I can

Before starting with Paramount Fitness, describe your state of health, fitness and general well-being.
I thought I was relatively fit and healthy, I had completed a half marathon in 2012, competed in a 10k run 2 months before & ran 3-4 times a week, so I thought I was in good shape. I believed I ate well, and always drank plenty of water. It wasn’t until joining Paramount Fitness I realised I was eating the right things at the wrong times and that running a few times a week wasn’t going to keep me in shape!

What was the pivotal point which made you get in contact with Paramount Fitness?
I had just bought my wedding dress and was annoyed at myself for having to order a size larger than I had wanted to, in fact the lady at the shop suggested I order a size larger than I had, which I refused!! I struggled to get into some of the sample dresses which made me realise I had gained weight! I had been thinking about doing boot camp for some time, but was a little scared to go on my own, then I got fed up of waiting for friends to join I decided to take the plunge!

What were your goals back then?

Initially I just wanted to lose weight and to look good on my wedding day.

How did you feel after your first training session?
Sick! We went camping the following day and I could barely walk! I couldn’t bend my legs for a few days!

What have you achieved to date?

I don’t know my exact measurements off the top of my head, but have dropped quite a few CM’s, knocked 12 minutes off my half marathon time and improved my body fat %. And I fit into size 10 skinny jeans!! 😀

What emotional boundaries have you had to overcome, which have been tough, but you knew you had to, to get the results you wanted?
Watching what I eat!! I’d never dieted in any way before so this was a struggle.

Why were achieving the above results so important to you?
I wanted to get fit for my wedding, but now love the way I look, I feel so much more confident in my own body, I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager!

What are the best things about training with Paramount Fitness?

There are so many things!!

Team PF family – they are bloody great at encouraging each other and supporting each other.

Lee, Corey & Dan – they really know what they are talking about! Diet advice, training, injuries, encouragement etc, their advice is brilliant.

The Team PF group activities – entering events as a team – can’t wait for survival of the fittest in October.

All the boot camp sessions are all different, and thought out.

The nutrition seminars – so informative and I’ve never seen anything like that offered at any other gyms.

What are your goals now, moving forward?
I really want to reduce my body fat % down to 20% and to continue improving my strength and fitness. I will likely enter the Nottingham half marathon again this September, but want some other events to keep me out of trouble before then! Any suggestions welcome!

If you could sum up your experience of training with Paramount Fitness to date in under 50 words, what would you say?

Amazing! Not only have I learned correct technique for exercises, I’ve learned about nutrition, the correct foods to eat and when to eat them. I’ve got fit and healthy, training with a great group of people, with fantastic guidance