What I Learned From FBS 2014

So myself and PF Coach Dan Thorpe have just arrived back to the UK after a week in California at the annual Fitness Business Summit.

On top of the jet lag, it is fair to say that we are completely brain fried with the amount of information we took away from the 3 day event.

It was the second time that I have been fortunate enough to attend FBS and Dan’s first, however I am sure he’ll be heading back over again in future years.


Picture above: Dan & I at the VIP Dinner.

For those of you that don’t know what the Fitness Business Summit is, it is an event put together by top fitness marketing guy, Bedros Keuilian. Bedros is the guy behind many 7 figure fitness business’ worldwide.


Picture above: Bedros Keuilan presenting Randy Couture with $10,000 cheque to his Charity.

So each year Bedros puts on this amazing 3 day event.

This year the speakers list included:

6 time World Champion MMA Fighter, Randy Couture.
Training For Warriors Founder, Martin Rooney.
Dr. Peter Osbourne, The Gluten Free Warrior.
Cody Sipe, Owner of Functional Ageing Institute.
Craig Ballatyne, Owner of Turbulent Training & Internet Guru.
Cabel McElderry, 7 Figure Business Owner.
Mark Costes, Top Level Dentist & Family Man.

Along with many more…

They all take the stage to teach you one thing…

How to help more people.

How to help more people lose weight. How to help more people change their lives. How to help more people online. You get the idea.

Each speaker had their own story, from being in £1,000’s of debt to sleeping on a friends couch, but through sheer grit and determination they have created a success through helping others.

So here are a few things from FBS 2014 which I think can help you…

– That no matter how much adversity you face, you will come through it a much stronger person

– We are meant to be praised, not put down.

– You will have Crabs in your life (hopefully not ‘those’ crabs), but the ones that pull you down. So cut them out of your life ASAP.

– You can achieve great success, but no matter what, remain humble.

– Give more, receive less.

– Self doubt is the real reason you don’t achieve great results.

– You don’t learn anything if you win all the time.

– We are a product of the decisions we make.

– You cannot be brave if you have never been scared.

– Make friends with the worst possible outcome.

– Nothing stays the same, so allow yourself to change too.

– Success is simple. Not easy.

– Surround yourself with winner.

– Put yourself in a challenging environment to better yourself.

I could go on and on. There were a lot of take home messages. Some business related, some training, some nutrition, but A LOT on mindset. Why?

Because your thoughts trigger your feelings which trigger your actions.


Picture above: Martin Rooney of Training For Warriors.

There were over 600 fitness professionals at the event, which is amazing. If each of those 600 pro’s go away and positively impacts just 10 lives, that’s 6,000 people lives that have changed.

Better yet, most of the individuals in that room at FBS had the chance to impact 100+, which means we can help 60,000 lives, minimum.

It was a pleasure to meet some great individuals who are doing even greater things within their communities.

Something I hope that myself and my team are doing ourselves.

One of the strongest messages I took away from FBS which I shall leave you with…

** It is not about the glass being half full or half empty. A glass half full gives you a false sense of security, a glass half empty gives you a sense of fear. It is knowing exactly how much is in the glass, specifically… **

Picture above: 600+ Fitness Professionals at FBS 2014.