Foam Rolling & Recovery Workshop

On Saturday 11th April, Paramount Fitness Director, Lee Cooper, hosted his Foam Rolling & Recovery Workshop down at the Nottingham Studio.


Being a Massage Therapist, FAT Tool Coach (Fascia Abrasion Technique) and PIMST (Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques) qualified, Lee had a full agenda to take into his workshop.


Those who have either been coached by Lee or have attended any of his previous workshops will know that he is very informative and makes it his number one priority to get the key learning objectives across. This workshop had a mixture of practical exercises, white-board theory and demonstration, to accelerate the learning of those in attendance.


The session was delivered in a logical sequence:

– Theory behind muscular trauma & fibre make up.

– Muscular Anatomy explanation

– Explanation of Foam Rolling Techniques

– Use of SMR Tools, Foam Roll, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball & FAT Tool

– Practical Application of SMR on various muscle groups

– Advanced SMR techniques

– PNF Stretching demonstration

– FAT Tool demonstration


SMR techniques can be quite painful and oftentimes we will move away from this pain. Our bodies prefer to take the path of least resistance.


Having said that, you need to allow yourself to absorb some of the pain (I advise you work to a scale of 7/8 out of 10) to elicit the best results. During this period, you need to concentrate on your breathing to assist you.


During this workshop we monitored the results of each individual using the RPE scale of 1 to 10. 

1 being little to no pain.

10 being too much pain and potentially unbearable.


We monitored the RPE on each muscle group / individual muscle that we applied SMR techniques to and found some common trends along with some rare figures.


Some figures identified injuries, past and present, which had caused muscle’s to go into spasm / excessive tightness as a protective mechanism. Yet some figures showed consistent levels of muscular tightness in certain individuals.


Each attendee now has their figures which they will work towards improving over the next 4-6 weeks before we assess them again in another Foam Rolling & Recovery Workshop.


If you are looking to add SMR techniques into your training routine to assist your recovery, feel free to get in touch.


“With a better understanding, there is a higher chance of application and therefore a greater possibility of a new habit being installed”.


This is the same with our Nutrition Coaching, Life Coaching & Fitness Coaching.


If you would like further information on our future workshops, please email