How Healthy Are You?

When I worked in Spain as a Tutor at The European Institute of Fitness, I used to teach various subjects which enabled the Students to become qualified Personal Trainers. One of my favourite subjects was Nutrition.


Since moving back to the UK I have read many books, been on various courses to enable me to have better knowledge on Nutrition and how it effects your hormones, performance and body.


But one of the best and most powerful things I used to teach, and have continued to use since starting Paramount Fitness up in October 2010, is a simple 1-10, ‘What makes your healthy’ log sheet.


It is SO simple, but ridiculously helpful when trying to get someone eating better. I’ve used it on myself, to keep me on track and like I said before, i’ve used it endless amounts of times since with PT Clients and Boot Campers.


Grab a piece of paper, if you’ve been following my blog you’ve probably got a couple now, maybe even a note pad…


Title the page – “10 Things you should do daily, to be healthy”.


Write the numbers, 1 through to 10 down the left hand side of the page.


Ok… Now list all the things you believe someone should do daily, to be healthy. Not just healthy, but REALLY healthy! Not what you DO now, what you believe someone SHOULD DO to be REALLY HEALTHY.


Here’s mine:

10 Things You Should Do Daily To Be Healthy.

Drink 3 litres of water
Eat 9 portions of Veg
Sleep for at least 8 hours
Exercise for at least 30 minutes (leaving you breathless)
Ensure good quality protein source at each meal
Eat 3 portions of Fruit a day (berries etc)
Get at least 10 minutes of Sun
Consume healthy fats (nuts, oils and seeds)
Relax and have 1 hour of ‘Me Time’
Take supplements for deficiencies (Vit D, Zinc etc)


Ok, there’s mine. How does yours look? Hopefully you’ve managed to write down 10.


Look back at your list of 1-10. Tick off the things that you do EVERY day from that list. No lying. How many ticks did you have in total?


From my list I had 7/8. It can change daily. But still, I have room for improvement to be really healthy.


So your objective from now on, is to implement the ones that didn’t have ticks beside them. It may be 2 or 3 things, it may be 5 or 6.


Start NOW.


Your results may show you are not as healthy as you think you should be, but now you have the answers.