Kettlebell Workshop

On Saturday 21st March, Paramount Fitness Personal Trainer, Corey Johnson, hosted his Kettlebell Workshop down at the Nottingham Studio.


Having taken his Kettlebell qualification back in 2012, along with his regular self-training sessions, Corey knows that the Kettlebell is one of his most used tools when it comes to getting in shape.


Those who attend Corey’s Boot Camps on a regular basis have become quite friendly with the Kettlebells of late, and this workshop was the perfect opportunity for our members to develop their techniques, learn new movements patterns and polish up on their current exercises once more.

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The session was delivered in a logical sequence:

– Mobility & Range Of Movement Work

– Hip Mobility & Shoulder Stabilisation

– Breaking Down The Turkish Get Up

– Breaking Down The Single Arm KB Snatch

– Breaking Down The Single Arm KB Clean (and it’s variations)

– Breaking Down The Windmill

– Getting To Grips With Alternating Arm Swings



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The Kettlebell is a fairly difficult training tool with the weight being in the bottom of the object. Like most objects which are lifted in the training environment you are executing movements against gravity.


However, many of the exercises using the Kettlebell are executed in a way in which you not only battle against the force of gravity, but also against momentum, acceleration & deceleration. It is with that in mind that you have to be aware of the many muscles that work, assist and stabilise during training sessions using the Kettlebell.


An individual who is learning to exercise with the Kettlebell should progress gradually. Taking into consideration not only their muscular strength, but also their co-ordination, mobility and dynamic flexibility – all of which we can help you with, if you would like to get in touch.


“With a better understanding, there is a higher chance of application and therefore a greater possibility of a new habit being installed”.


This is the same with our Nutrition Coaching, Life Coaching & Fitness Coaching.


If you would like further information on our future workshops, please email