Lose Fat Through Detoxification

We detoxify our bodies via 4 physical pathways:

1. Perspiration
2. Respiration
3. Urination
4. Defecation

Due to the rise in ‘detoxification programmes’ and the word ‘detox’ being thrown around like we’re playing a game of hot potato, it’s no wonder why you’re confused when it comes down to the facts and truth behind real detoxification.

Throughout this article I will explain the detoxification processes, why they’re not working correctly for you right now and how you can restore balance to enable you to detoxify your body, properly.

First, let’s look at how toxins enter the body…

Toxins enter the body in many ways. Through what we eat, drink, put on our skin and breathe in. Literally any way we can absorb a toxin, we will.

The foods we eat, the liquids we drink, the products we put on our skin and the air that we breathe all play a part in our level of toxicity and whether we are becoming more or less toxic.

Your nutritional choices play a key role, as the foods (solids & liquids) that you consume will either help or hinder the detoxification process.

Many foods that we consume today are of mass production, to keep costs down for the producers and have a long shelf life for the buyers.

Pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), MSG and Artificial Sweeteners are all contributing to you becoming more toxic, fat, sick and tired.

This means that your food choices have to be prioritised, especially if you want to avoid consumption of toxic chemicals.

You should always strive to buy organic fruit & vegetables, grass fed meats and well-sourced fish. We advise our members to do the same as much as possible.

With our recommended consumption of grass fed meats over the likes of corn fed, we also have to think about the nutrition and lifestyle of the foods that we are eating. Yes you may be eating Chicken, but if the chicken you are eating has been pumped full of chemicals & drugs to make it grow quicker, weigh more and move along the sales-chain faster, you are consuming those harmful products too.

Not to mention the way that they are farmed, treated, or mistreated to be more precise.

– You Are What Your Food Eats –

The same goes with the liquids that you drink too. The canned, fizzy, carbonated drink which is full of chemicals, E-Numbers and sugar is far more toxic than a Cup of Tea. However, a Cup of Tea may be more toxic, due to the Sugar & Milk you may add to it, than a bottle of filtered water.

With that example in mind, your goal would be to move further down the scale to the ‘less toxic’ products to improved your health, energy levels, physique & performance.

Your Skin is the largest organ in the body, and with that we need to consider the pressure we put it under with the products we cover it in.

The Skin provides a site for elimination of toxins, via perspiration. However, if the Skin is thin enough to help rid toxins, it will also be thin enough, and absorbent enough, to allow toxins to enter the body too.

Hence why many products which require transmission through the blood stream, medicines, creams, topical oils, are rubbed into the skin in application.

Many people are unaware of the damage that their daily moisturiser, hair products and self tanning creams they apply most weekends, are doing to their overall health, not just their bank balance.

You can find more information out about your Skincare Products via this link – CLICK ME!

And finally we look at how we can control the air we breathe, as it’s clear to see with the increase in population, a demand for more transport options and industrial revolution, that we are living in a more toxic world than ever before.

You could go to the ultimate extreme and wear a face mask to filter the air, but as I say, that’s quite an extreme you only really see in the likes of Beijing. And I can’t imagine you moving to Fiji anytime soon to be able to enjoy some of the purist air in the world.

We need to control what we can here, and although you can do your bit towards climate change and global warming, it won’t make a difference if 100+ people around you don’t, especially when it comes to air.

Remove yourself from smokey environments as much as you can. If you smoke, this might be very difficult for you and in that scenario I would encourage your to reduce your daily intake.

Escape the City environments as much as you can, head off the country-side, the coast and lower popularised locations as often as you can. I don’t have to explain this, as what i’ve mentioned above is clear here in these less polluted areas.

Be careful of the products you use which enter the atmosphere such as sprays, deodorants, carpet cleaners, paints, etc. As they too will enter your body and cause havoc.

With all of the above in mind, let’s summarise what we’ve covered and how you can work on becoming less toxic, to live a healthier, more energise and happier life.

– Your Liver is the center of your detoxification process. If your Liver isn’t working correctly, or efficiently for that matter, you won’t detoxify well, or at all.

– Toxins block nutrients from nourishing the body and therefore we see a decline in our health and our energy levels the higher our toxin levels are.

– We need to focus on reducing our toxin INPUT, our EXPOSURE to them and then improve our bodies way of DETOXIFYING.

– Only when you focus on the three mentioned above will you have a healthy metabolism and see improvements in health, energy, physique & performance.

– Detoxification via Perspiration: Sweating is one of the most effective ways of removing toxins from the body. Sweating as a result of physical activity, sauna’s; such as InfraRed Sauna’s and taking Hot Salt Baths are great ways of using this method.

– Detoxification via Respiration: Clearing your lungs and creating an efficient respiratory system is key. Air pollution from the Environment, Smoking & a poor diet make our Lungs less efficient, which in turn cause problems using this method. Reducing the number of toxins consumed through air pollution and smoking will be first on your list.

– Detoxification via Urination: The Kidneys play an important role here. Drinking plenty of clean, filtered water (without toxins) daily, up to 3 litres, plus. Many toxins are found in the Kidney and with water cleansing the Kidneys, you’ll aid detoxification.

– Detoxification via Defecation: When your bowel becomes underactive, toxins will be absorbed through the walls and enter the blood stream. A cleaner bowl will lead to cleaner blood and therefore less toxin cells in the body.

– Lowering your Body Fat %. As toxins are stored predominately in your Fat Cells. Choosing the right exercise & food here is essential.

Here are 5 things you can implement right away:

1. Drink 3 litres of Still, Bottled Water each day.

2. Sweat, through the means of exercise for 30 minutes daily.

3. Remove all processed foods and drinks from your diet.

4. Increase your Fruit & Vegetable intake, ensuring they’re organic where possible and washed before consumption.

5. Remove all cosmetics which rate 7-10 on ewg.org and replace with either lower rated products or purchase new via http://www.greenpeople.co.uk/


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