Measurement Week – March 2015

The first week of each month for Paramount Fitness is what we call ‘Measurement Week’.


It’s when we monitor all of our Members measurements to see whether they are progressing, maintaining or possibly even regressing.


We have selected a number of measurements sites / markers which will enable us to give the individual feedback on their nutritional choices, lifestyle habits, training routines.


These measures are replicated across the board, from our Boot Camp Programme to our Personal Training*. This ensures that we achieve results with all of our members, which travel from all parts of Nottingham to train with us.


This month we have continued to achieve great results, with many keeping the momentum up from February.


Here are just a few of the results that we’re achieve over the last month.



Mariko is well on her way to achieve the body she wants for her Wedding Day come August this year. 



Sue has continued her progress on from February’s Measurement Week. All whilst working a stressful job.



Dee has still achieved great results, even though she’s currently rehabilitating an injury and travelling from Matlock to work with us. 



Jodie has set herself a personal challenge of improving her Chin Ups. Having a specific goal makes it far easier to achieve great results. 



Laura is really pushing the boundaries after another month of cracking results. You can read ‘A Day In The Life Of Laura’ to see just how she goes about getting results like these…



Jude is super-happy that she’s changing her body shape. BOOM! Slowly putting all the pieces of the puzzle together…



Lee has hit the ground running after returning back to Paramount Fitness at the beginning of February. Enjoyed the lifestyle that she wants, but has still achieved results! It’s all about balance. 


As you can see, it’s been a successful Measurement Week for March. We now push forward, working closely with each individual to ensure their nutrition stays on track, whilst structuring times where they can enjoy themselves and live a balanced lifestyle.


I’m sure i’ll be sharing just as good, if not better, measurements with you in April.




* Our Personal Training service is bespoke to the individual and measurements are often more frequent, with additional markers being assessed which aren’t included on our Boot Camp programme.