Why Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You… Part II

I don’t have time to read Part II or, I’m going to put 5 minutes aside to read Part II, as I think it will benefit me?

Maybe it is down to value. Whether you value the content of my blog posts or whether you value your health enough to spare a few minutes to read these helpful tips.

Part I was quite short and precise. It was a simple post about how to switch your mindset from looking at things negatively, to positively.

But sometimes it isn’t as easy as that, right?

There may be some deeper issues that have to be uncovered to help someone switch their mentality.

In Part I, I quoted “I can’t achieve that”.

Its easy to remove a letter and make it a positive affirmation – “I can achieve that”.

But realistically, is it that easy?

It’s simple, but it may not be easy.

What if in the past you have tried various ways to achieve something. Whether it be a job promotion, a weight loss goal, a relationship, and failed.

Maybe that previous failure has happened more than once?

Maybe you have failed more times than you have succeeded and therefore feel that you are a failure?

But does that have to be the case?

You don’t learn anything if you win all the time. So is losing / failing a bad thing or a good thing?

What if all the times in the past that you have failed, were little lessons that were teaching you a new way of finding success?

What if you decided to give it one more chance, one more valiant effort and this time, CHANGED your approach and avoided the paths you have previously followed.

All the greats fail. But they find new ways. New methods. New strategies.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals that have previously failed. They have tried time and time again to lose weight and change their physique. But they have failed.

I don’t have any new cutting edge information, or any new exercises or a new piece of training kit that no-one else has.

I have multiple strategies, ways, approaches to help an individual progress forward. But that doesn’t mean me and my team don’t fail anymore. We do.

I have failed. Many times.

I have wasted time, money & energy on things in the past which haven’t worked.

We all do it.

But the great thing about all of this is that we can learn from the failures. We can take something away from them that we can avoid in the future.

So what have you failed at in the past which you have also learned from?

Would you now look at that as a failure or a success?

A success, right?

You now know what not to do in the future.

What if you were closer to your achievements than you thought you were? You hadn’t measured your progress, you had actually made huge progress but you had been so blinded by how far there was to go, you hadn’t looked at how far you had come. So you gave up.

Does this sound familiar?

The world is changing around you. You need to allow yourself to change with it.

You are meant to change.

The next time you are faced with failure, I want you to look at it as a success.

Take something away from it which you won’t do again in the future.

Let your past failures be a guide to future success.