Why Your Mind Is Playing Tricks On You…

Self doubt is sabotaging your chances of achieving the results you want.


I’m being serious. You are talking yourself OUT OF SHAPE.

“I can’t achieve that”

“I haven’t got time to go to the gym”

“I am born to be the way that I am”

“I guess I was meant to be this way”

“He/She has good genetics, I couldn’t be like that”

“I couldn’t look like that, I don’t have the time”

“They must be super restrictive to look that good”

Do ANY of the above resonate with you? Heard yourself say these in your head recently?


Like I said, your mind is playing tricks on you.


You CAN talk yourself INTO GREAT SHAPE too…

With a simple switch of mindset, flip the above, on it’s head.


“I can achieve that”

“I will make ¬†time to go to the gym”

“I am in full control of the way that I am”

“I will create and earn the body I want”

“He/She has great dedication, I could be like that”

“I could look like that, I’ll make the time”

“They must be super proud to look that good… I want to feel that way”

THIS is the ONLY difference between those that achieve great results and those that don’t. Limited self belief.


Those that achieve great results DON’T have it any easier, they DON’T have extra, secret tools.


Those that achieve great results KNOW they CAN achieve GREAT RESULTS. They make a POSITIVE decision in their mind and BELIEVE in themselves and their ability.


This doesn’t only apply to getting in shape. Apply it to your career and your home life, see what a difference it makes.