Mo Runner, 10th Anniversary

Sunday 17th November 2019.

Hundreds of eager runners head to Wollaton Park, Nottingham to complete a 5k or 10k route in aid of Men’s Health & the Movember Foundation. Let’s not forget the Mini Mo Run too, which is a 1.5k route for 3-12 year olds.

A great way to get all of the family involved!

We decided, pretty much a month ago to the day, to get a team of us together.

None of us would fit into a ‘frequent runner’ category on an entry form or questionnaire.

Simply a bunch of friends who wanted to test themselves at a new challenge. Whether that be the 5k or a 10k Run.

In recent weeks we’ve had an onslaught of rain. Nottinghamshire has been flooded left, right and centre so we weren’t set for a dry route come race-day.

Sunday 17th November – 8:30am

We met at Wollaton Pub & Kitchen knowing that partly the motivation behind getting around as quick as possible was a warm Roast Dinner and a Pint or two on completion.

We head to Registration, pick up our 10th Anniversary Headbands, neck-scarfs and race number before taking shelter in ‘Dave’s Van’ for half an hour due to, yet again, more rain!

All whilst keeping our team Dinosaur happy, well fed and watered.

Unfortunately we had two of our team unable to make the event due to illness, but 6 of remain and we head back over to the Event Village and prepare for the unknown – as none of us had completed this event before.

Those who had signed up for the 5k were off first.

10 minutes later and those who had signed up for the 10k were on their way.

A nice gentle start! Straight into an uphill run towards Wollaton Hall. I guess they wanted to warm us up as swiftly as possible!?

You make your way around the Hall, down towards and around the lake & back.

We were told it was quite a hilly route. Those who’d told us, weren’t lying!

Some steady inclines along with some pretty steep gradients get your legs burning and your lungs working, that’s for sure.

Time to head away from the Hall now as you head back downhill down a tight path. Too tight to enjoy a decent stride as you have to watch your footing with other runners right in-front and behind you.

Not to mention the runners either coming back from where you’re heading or vice versa.

A little too close for comfort.

It wouldn’t have been an issue if we hadn’t had such heavy rainfall recently. But even just inches off a path and you’re in mud-pits and slipping all over the place.

Unfortunately some runners did take a fall. Thankfully none of our lot.

A quick turn around a cone and you’re back towards Wollaton Hall.

The end is in sight for those completing the 5k route.

Just a steep uphill section to test you before you can sail downhill to those braving the weather to support family, friends & loved-ones.

However. If you’re signed up for the 10k route, you’re only half way.

So off you go to repeat the route again.

Pleasantly supported along the majority of the route, so when you needed a little vocal support to get you going it wasn’t far way.

With 1/3 of #TeamPF already across the finish line at 5k it wasn’t long before the other 2/3’s were enjoying the downhill finish through the giant Moustache.

Congratulated by volunteers and a lovely Medal placed around your neck adds to the experience.

Complimentary Protein Bars, Energy Bars & Sweets were on offer too. We certainly took advantage of that opportunity!

6 of us started injury free and I’m pleased to report that 6 of us crossed the finish line injury free too.

With Mo Runner done and dusted there was only one thing left to do.

Take the short walk back across to Wollaton Pub & Kitchen for that tasty Roast & Dinner and Pint I’d been salivating over for the past few hours.

And I’m pleased to say it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Events like these are great.

They make individuals step outside of their comfort zone and achieve something they’d never thought they’d do.

They also inspire, encourage & motivate individuals to set similar challenges in the future.

A huge positive in light of health & fitness.