Overnight Oats

It shouldn’t be, but Breakfast appears to be the one meal of the day which most individuals struggle with when it comes to choices and their actual ability to ‘stomach’ something before setting off for the day.

Maybe its the additional 10 minutes you gave yourself by hitting “Snooze” this morning or the fact you’re catching up on sleep after a late night staying up watching back to back episodes of Breaking Bad.

With that happening, the time you have in the morning to prepare and consume a hearty, healthy and satisfying breakfast is next to none.

You’ll either…

  • Grab a cereal bar out of the cupboard = 140 calories, 21g Carbohydrates, 4.9g Fat & 1.7g Protein (Based on Cadbury Crunch Bar Raisin)
  • Not eat anything at all / Fast (not always a bad thing, more on that another time) = 0 calories
  • Pick something up on the way to work or, if you have the facilities at work, be able to have breakfast at the office = Unknown calories.

Chances are that if you’ve gone for the former, you’ll be hungry moments later and pick something else up or grab something else to eat too. Purely down to the lack of satiation value of the product.

If you’ve gone for the latter, unless you have a great staff canteen with a variety of options which are often labelled with their calories & macronutrient content (some health conscious office spaces offer this), chances are you’re not going to know what you’re consuming until you notice your waist band expanding and your jeans becoming a little tighter. Quite often down to the fact that most large premises use Sunflower or Vegetable Oil as its cheap (and nasty), high-fructose-corn-syrup or again, foods that offer no satiation value.

However, if you have chosen to skip breakfast (at this time * of day * – and TIME being the important thing here) or have decided to Fast, you may, or may not, have done yourself a favour. I think I’ll shed a little more light on this in another blog post.

But briefly, if you’ve accidentally ‘missed’ breakfast. You could end up consuming anything to pick up your blood sugar levels later that morning = anything goes, unless you have great will-power.

If you’ve strategically ‘missed’ breakfast. You should have something, or at least have planned, whats going to break your fast. Maybe in a Tupperware box prepared the night before or a pre-planned choice from a specific menu.

I’m speaking from experience here…

With many nights being broken over the last couple of years, that Snooze button has been subject to some bashing but if I’m not fortunate enough to get a little longer in bed, I’m craving throughout the day as I’m already tired and ultimately going to be running on caffeine (and anything else to ‘pick-me-up’ and get me through the day).

But one thing I’ve introduced lately is Overnight Oats.

  • It has provided me with a good source of Protein first thing…
  • A controlled amount of Carbohydrates (which are slow release too)
  • An abundance of vitamins & minerals from the additional berries I’ve added
  • A good source of Fibre, helping keeping you feeling fuller for longer (I sound like a dodgy cereal advert!!)
  • A breakfast option that gives me a lot, for a little amount of effort

So here’s the approximate nutrition breakdown of my delicious concoction:

-> 1 scoop of Sci-MX Protein = 35g Protein / 3.5g Carbohydrates / 2.3g Fat
-> 1 pot of Arla Protein Yoghurt = 20g Protein / 13g Carbohydrates / 0.4g Fat
-> 1/2 cup of Quaker Porridge Oats = 5g Protein / 27g Carbohydrates / 3g Fat
-> 1/2 cup of Mixed Berries (Frozen) = 0.5g Protein / 10g Carbohydrates / 0g Fat
-> Dash of water (just to help with consistency)

Grand totals = 60.5g Protein / 53.5g Carbohydrates / 5.7g Fat

Not to mention a good amount of Fibre too, at 11.7g.

And it couldn’t be any easier to make (the night before – hence “Overnight Oats”)

Add all the ingredients into a Tupperware box (Oats + Protein Powder + Yoghurt = Mix. Dash of water = Mix again. Add the Berries)

Pop the lid back on, stick it in the fridge and off to bed you go, knowing you’ve got a great breakfast lined up in the morning.

Just make sure you don’t forget it as you head off out!