Valentines Day – Show Fat Burning Some Love.

No, i’m not being rude. Well, not entirely.

We all know that Sex is a great form of exercise and something that we should all enjoy. Did you know that the average ‘sexual encounter’ burns approximately 200 calories (dependant on duration, obviously)?

Well, that is a combination of kissing, undressing, etc, etc, you get the idea.

Anyway, this coming weekend is meant to be the most romantic night of the year – Valentines Day.

I won’t get all soppy on you, but I am not a fan of the day, as I believe you should show your appreciation to your partner all year round and not be captured by the marketing whirlwind that we get drawn into.

However, there is one thing that I LOVE doing and that is burning Fat. Helping Nottingham (and places further afield) become healthier and burn body fat is our game and there is no reason why we should let Valentines Day ruin all of our hard work this coming weekend. After-all, you want to look sexy for your partner, right?

Before the night draws to an end and we look at burning some calories, lets look at the calories that we may well be consuming before hand and how we could make these choices a little healthier and keep on track with our fat loss.


2 glasses of Champagne – 178 calories
2 glasses of White Wine – 144 calories
2 pints of Beer – 308 calories


Prawn Cocktail – 360 calories
2 slices of Bread – 166 calories


Garlic Mushrooms – 120 calories
Ciabatta Slice – 270 calories (3 slices)


Spaghetti Bolognese – 400 calories


Lasagne – 660 calories


Cheesecake – 440 calories

Profiteroles – 400 calories

During dinner drinks:

1 glass Champagne – 89 calories
1 pint of Beer – 154 calories

Estimated, average total calorie consumption:

1,598 calories.

For some, this is close to your DAILY calorie intake. Consuming this amount of calories on top of your normal daily food consumption will only result in you gaining fat and sabotaging your fat loss results.

All in just one evening, pretty scary don’t you think?

Baring in mind, knowing the average sexual encounter only burns approximately 200 calories, you’ll have a lot of work to do to undo the damage caused by this menu.


How can we flip this on its head and make our menu enjoyable, but also fat burning?

How about this…


2 Vodka, Soda Water & Lime (fresh Lime) – 120 calories
2 Gin & Diet Tonic – 70 calories


Poached Eggs on Asparagus – 200 calories


Cajun Chicken Wings – 220 calories


Steak, Sweet Potato Chips & Veg – 340 calories


Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham & Salad – 250 calories


10x Strawberry’s dipped in 85% Dark Chocolate – 380 calories


Greek Yoghurt & Raspberries – 115 calories

During dinner drinks:

Vodka, Soda Water & Lime (fresh Lime) – 60 calories
Gin & Diet Tonic – 35 calories

Estimated, average total calorie consumption:

920 calories

A massive saving of 678 calories

Personally, the second menu is far more appealing to me, so I know which one i’d be choosing to enjoy, not just for the Fat Loss benefits but also for the satisfaction element.

Have a great Valentines Day.

Lee Cooper