So What’s Next?

So what’s next?

It’s probably the question that you are currently asking yourself.

After-all, you’ve just dropped a fair few KG’s, maybe 2 or 3 dress sizes, not to mention the inches that literally fell off of you!

Which is AMAZING. That is some achievement…

But you no doubt find yourself in a plateaux, right?

A little bit lost, more thank likely thinking to yourself…

“So what next? What goals do I set myself to work towards now? What’s achievable?”

It’s quite easy for someone to say…

‘Well, just keep losing weight’, or ‘drop another dress size’, maybe even ‘stay as you are, you look great!’…

All of them are fine…

But are they really what you want to hear?

Probably not. The reason why you decided to achieve the results you have to date is because you are an ambitious person, you want more, and at that time you were unhappy with how you were.

So whats the real reason you’ve hit a plateaux…

Have you got comfortable where you are?

Have you lost track of actually how far you’ve come?

Have you started to fall backwards slightly?

I think you’re now banging your head against a brick wall as that it what you currently think you have in front of you.

An obstacle.

But the obstacle is usually your own limited beliefs, as there is no physical wall there!

You’re scared to go further.

Potentially worried of failure if you take the next step?

Before we go any further.

I want you to remember the KG’s you’ve lost to date.

The dresses that you’ve thrown away as they don’t fit anymore, and the new ones you’ve purchased which you look AWESOME in!

And lets not forget the inches that you’ve lost too. Your body shape has changed, that’s for sure…

So what’s that telling you?


You’ve done it once. You’ve just got to do it again.

And last time was fun too!

Moving forward I want you to switch your focus…

You can still achieve the goal you want, but this time I want you to focus on something different.

Before, you were so fixated on what the weighing scales said, you ignored the fact you’d lost inches.

You’d even got loads stronger too, but you didn’t even notice that!

Your new focus could be:

Fat Loss – Measuring your body fat % by regular measurements using Skinfold Callipers.

Inch Loss – Measuring the change of body shape using a tape measure.

Strength Progress – Measuring your strength using a given exercise and weight lifted for 3RM.

An Athletic Event – Training for an upcoming, specific fitness event / race.

Give it a go. Switch your focus. Don’t be fixated on one mean of measure.

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