Why Most People Fail…

Myself and my team always count ourselves quite lucky with the Members we have at Paramount Fitness. Maybe it’s the way we attract them, maybe it’s because our training style only suits a certain type of individual, or maybe it’s because what you focus on expands?

So if we focus on getting super-cool, fun, success driven and committed individuals to join #TeamPF, then more of the same will become part of our forever growing family in the future, right?

I think so, yes.

Put it this way, if you are a combination of the 5 people that you surround yourself with the most, then if we have a super-cool, fun, success driven and committed member join our family, then chances are that their referral will be of the same calibre.

Makes total sense when you think about it. Certain types of people only hang out with certain types of people.

Amongst many other things, one of the main bits of feedback we get about our set up is the people we have that train with us. Most people say we have the best fitness family in the UK, not just Nottingham.

I think this is one of the reasons why we get great results with our members.

Yeah, we have a full arsenal of knowledge on training and nutrition, but what if the member / client that you are working with just doesn’t ‘feel right’ or just doesn’t have that ‘support’ that they want.

Each and every single person that we work with achieves results. Whether it be 5lb Fat Loss or 5 stone, to lift 5kg more or to run 5km. Each individual has a goal and with the help of our trainers, is given a clear set of instructions on how to get there.

So why do most other people fail?

1. Lack of knowing what they are actually wanting to achieve

– No clear goal, no deadline, no way of tracking progress, nothing.

2. Lack of support & guidance from others

– Having the right people around you is SO important. Not only do our members have us as trainers, but they have each-other too. A positive support structure from other members.

3. Lack of commitment

– It doesn’t happen over night. You need to graft to get the results you want. Staying committed to both your nutrition & your training schedule.

4. Lack of professional support

– It’s all well and good hiring a trainer / coach, but if they don’t want you to achieve results as much as you do, don’t waste your money.

5. Listen to others opinions

– You wouldn’t go to a broke accountant. So why listen to your friends who are not qualified and are probably giving you awful advice from ‘what they heard’ or ‘what worked for them’.

6. Chop & Change

– You lack consistency. You chance from one diet to another, week after week. Your body never really knows what is expected of it or what to adjust to.

7. You make an excuse

– Life becomes too busy, you’ve fallen off the wagon or fell into the spiral of self pitty.

I could carry on, but this isn’t a list of 50 reasons why people fail.

You get the idea.

So, why do people that we work with, achieve awesome results?


This isn’t a sales tactic, this is purely how it is with Paramount Fitness.

1. They know EXACTLY what they want to achieve and are given clear instructions how to achieve it.

2. #TeamPF. Without doubt the best fitness family in Nottingham. When strangers become friends, they have each-others backs, they encouraged one another, support, share idea’s, recipes, the lot.

3. They are super committed. Not only to their training schedule, their nutrition, their families, their careers. They’re committed, full stop.

4. They get unlimited support. I’m talking emails, phone calls, texts, private online groups, face to face.

5. They know who to listen to. Coaches / Trainers with proven track records and others who have achieved great results.

6. They are consistent. Each and every week. Like clockwork. One focus. Results.

7. They don’t make excuses. They are accountable for their results & progress. They put their hand up when they’ve done wrong, but most importantly know how to put it right.


If you fit the first 7 reasons, maybe we are not quite right for you. Maybe you’re not quite ready yet. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be…

If you fit the second 7 reasons, we are a perfect match. A match made in heaven. It could be just the right time to contact us!

Lee Cooper