If You’re Successful, You’ll Be Doing These Things…

Successful individuals don’t ‘just get lucky’.

They don’t just get incredible results by ‘chance’.

Whether it is health related, business, personal or financial, successful people are successful because they do things that others won’t do.

I’m not talking massive action taking steps, because even the smallest steps make the biggest strides eventually.

They add up.

So if you’re successful, you’ll be doing these things…

And if you’re not, maybe start implementing a few of them to get the ball rolling…

After all, we all want to be successful. Right?

They Set Goals

Successful people set goals. Big, ambitious goals.. But they have small goals too. So don’t just think you have to set a goal like global domination. It can be to dominate your local village first for example. You know, be realistic.

In Fat Loss it would be to lose 5lbs first, before thinking about losing 3 stone for example.

They Hold Themselves Accountable

Successful people don’t blame others. They take liability when something doesn’t go quite right. There is nothing positive that can come from blaming others.

They know that it ultimately comes down to them. No-one else.

They Tell Others

Successful people tell others about their goals and aspirations. Now there is a difference between gloating about what you have achieved to date and telling someone what you’re aiming for.

Telling others is a way of publicly declaring what you are wanting to achieve. It works as a support system, providing that the people you are telling are the supportive, positive types.

Again this is great for accountability.

They Track Their Progress

Successful people track what they are doing. They give themselves targets. They know what is working and what needs to be changed through constant monitoring.

They keep track of all the minor details which make the big differences.

It could be what meals they’ve eaten, how many sales they’ve made, how many grams of protein they need or how much money is going out / coming in.

They Plan Ahead

Successful people plan in advance. Those who are in the best shape, plan their meals. Those who are making the most money, have marketing plans. Those who have more spare time, have tight schedules.

You’ve heard it before. Piss Poor Planning Provides Piss Poor Performance.

They Stay Committed

Successful people realise that the road to success isn’t straight and narrow or plain sailing. They expect obstacles, they appreciate peaks and troughs and know there will be some hard times. But they stay committed.

They Leave Nothing In The Tank

Successful people give it there all. Every last ounce of energy. Once they have decided what they want to achieve, they move forward.

They leave nothing in the tank. They leave no stone un-turned.

They See Failure As Learning Curves

Successful people don’t give up at the first sign of failure. They see failures as learning curves. A chance to take something away from what didn’t work, and to go about things differently the next time.

Failures are learning curves. The more you have, the more successful you’ll be. Providing you’ve learnt from them.

They Seek Professional Advice

Successful people continue to learn. They seek professional, expert advice. They know that there is someone out there that can help them. They seek them out and ask ‘how did you do that?’.

If you want to get leaner, seek a professional who’s lean. If you want to gain muscle, seek a pro who’s good at that. If you want to earn more money, seek a pro who’s good at making money.

Don’t believe you know everything. Allow yourself to take advice from others in a better place than you. A more successful person.

They Make Sacrifices

Successful people make sacrifices. They know that to achieve great success, oftentimes something will have to give.

To lose the weight they’ve always wanted to lose, those daily packet of crisps have to go. Those weekly take-aways have to go too.

They Use Negativity To Fuel Them

Successful people have haters. Ever met a hater that is doing better than you?

They use the negativity from others as fuel to keep the momentum going. It adds fuel to the fire.

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