You’re Wasting Your Time

Are You Wasting Your Time?

We all know time is precious. We only have a certain amount.

I’m not going to get all ‘philosophical’ on you.

I’ll save that for another day.

But I am going to talk to you about your Time Management, because I don’t think you’re using your time wisely.

We all get 24 hours each day.

So why is it that some individuals achieve more, do more and can handle more than others?

I know what you’re thinking.

– “They probably don’t have the commute to work that I do”
– “They probably don’t have young children and a husband to look after”
– “They don’t have the other stresses that I have at the moment”
– “They probably don’t have to work as long days as I do”

I’m not going to say that you’re wrong, as in some cases, you might be right.

But that’s not ALL cases.

There are more than likely other individuals out there, achieving the results that you want, currently wearing EXACLTY THE SAME SHOES AS YOU!

They probably DO have a long commute to work.

They probably DO have children and a husband to look after.

They probably DO have a number of other stresses at the moment.

They probably DO work long days.

The list could go on I’m sure. But we’re getting nowhere.

Like I said, we all have the same 24 hours each day to move closer to our goal or further away.

So why is the individual who wears the same shoes as you, progressing more than you?

Is it down to what they spend their time doing?

Is it down to their Time Management strategies, which they use?

Let’s look at 3 simple things which will help you lose body fat, get you in better shape than you currently are and make you healthier, long term.

– Exercise
– Nutrition
– Recovery (Sleep)

Now let’s look at some minimums that are quite easy to meet.

– Exercise for at least 1 hour each day
– Eat wholesome, balanced, nutritious meals
– Sleep for 7-9 hours each night

The question is: Of the 3 simple things above, how many do you manage to achieve day in day out?

If you have answered no to one or more of the above, my next question would be why?

Now there could be a load of answers. But here are my guesses as to why you don’t achieve all 3 of the above, like clockwork.

– You waste too much time scrolling through your Facebook & Twitter Feeds rather than preparing tomorrow’s meals.

– You waste too much time watching the videos from these social media feeds, including those of cats rescuing children from dogs, people falling off bikes and the latest nomination craze. Time you should be using doing some exercise.

– You waste too much time watching box set series. There are too many to list, but no doubt they are so gripping they keep you up late at night when you should be getting quality rest and sleeping.

– You waste too much time procrastinating. You know you should be exercising, you know tomorrow’s meals need prepping, but you sit on the sofa putting it off. Get up and give yourself a kick up the arse and get cooking!

– You waste too much time gathering information but not using any. So you’ve screen shot so many recipes from Pinterest, Instagram etc, but they sit in your Camera Reel waiting to be put into action. So you’re a gatherer of information. Time you started to apply it.

– You waste too much time putting obstacles in your own way. Yep, that wine you drank, those beers you had, the packet of biscuits, and those chocolates. The knock on effect is that you’ve now not only wasted money, but also you’ve wasted the time you spent exercising over the last few days for a few moments of indulgence.

I could go on… But you get the picture.

Chances are that the individuals that have lower body fat than you, who have the body you desire and the health profile you would like, don’t do the above things.

They no doubt spend their time:

– Reading / Listening to Audio Books which will enhance their health, wellbeing and mental state.

More motivational and positive than your social media feed that will no doubt keep you focused on your goal, rather than tempting you to have a ‘cheeky nandos’.

– Preparing batches of meals, which save them time later in the week. Cooking 3-4 portions of a healthy meal that can be frozen and used at a later date.

A great time saver and one to keep you on track with your nutrition.

– Setting limits on the number of episodes of their favourite box set they watch.

Rather than watching ‘just one more episode’, set a limit and take control of your time. Go to bed, prepare a meal, do some exercise. Anything but another 30-60 minutes going to waste.

– Get Sh*t Done.

Maybe it’s a ToDoList. Maybe it’s just 3 main tasks that need to be completed. But rather than procrastinate. They GSD.

– Taking Action

The information, the recipes, the training plans, the advice they’ve gathered gets implemented. In the Fitness Industry there’s a common title for individuals who gather your information but do the opposite – “Askholes”. Don’t be one of them.

– Keep their goals at the front of their mind, rather than any obstacles.

We ALL face obstacles. We ALL want cake, a glass of wine, and a night on the sofa…. But these obstacles can ALL be avoided.

Here are 3 Time Management Strategies you can use to lose body fat, get in better shape and improve your health:

1. Cook your meals in batches.
Choose your 4/5 meals that you want to eat that week. Cook them in batches. I’m talking 2.3 portions of each meal. Wait for them to cool and stick them in the Freezer. Just remember to defrost them the night before you need them.

Cooking your meals in batches could save you up to 5 hours in time over the week. Let alone how much money you’ll save along with the health benefits you get from consuming nutritious meals.

2. Set limits on social media sites / box set series.
If you love your Social Media and your Box Sets, set limits on them. Give yourself just 30 minutes to check your Facebook. Chances are that you won’t be missing much if you went without your Social Media Sites for a few days, let alone a few minutes. Watch just two episodes of your favourite series then switch off the TV.

As humans we are not great at setting limits and abiding by them. This is not only a good habit to learn, it’s one that can be applied in many other areas of your life.

3. Book training sessions in your diary.
Exercise / Training Sessions are like important meetings at work. You don’t skip them or cancel them. Schedule them in your diary and stick to them.

Exercise is a great investment. One you instantly see / feel the return on. Schedule your exercise into your diary, an important meeting with yourself to benefit your health and fitness.

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